Proa Comunicación organized the 4th Madrid SnowZone Championship for Journalists

El IV Campeonato para periodistas Madrid SnowZone superó el récord de participantes con la asistencia de más de 50 periodistas, entre los que destacó Mercedes Milá. Organizado por PROA Comunicación, el evento congregró a un total de 23 medios nacionales: Telecinco, La Sexta, RTVE, Telemadrid, Cadena SER, Discovery, Movistar+, Europa Press, Servimedia, EFE, Hearst, RNE, Política Local, Esdiario, Unika FM, Travesía, Ràdio Sant Boi, Hablemos de esquí, I love ski, Cadena Ibérica Radio, Nevasport y Planet BPM. RTVE y Hablamos de esquí se proclamaron campeones en las categorías de snow y esquí, respectivamente. La periodista y presentadora Mercedes Milá acudió en representación de SCIJ Spain, club internacional de periodistas fundado en 1955.

The 4th Madrid SnowZone Championship for Journalists broke the record of participants with the attendance of more than 50 journalists, with Mercedes Milá among one of them. Organized by PROA Comunicación, the event brought together a total of 23 national media: Telecinco, La Sexta, RTVE, Telemadrid, Cadena SER, Discovery, Movistar +, Europa Press, Servimedia, EFE, Hearst, RNE, Local Policy, Esdiario, Unika FM , Crossing, Ràdio Sant Boi, Let’s talk about skiing, I love ski, Cadena Ibérica Radio, Nevasport and Planet BPM. RTVE and Hablamos de esquí were declared champions of the snow and ski categories respectively. The journalist and presenter Mercedes Milá attended on behalf of SCIJ Spain, an international club of journalists founded in 1955.

Record Participation in Madrid SnowZone’s 4th Championship for Journalists

The 4th Madrid SnowZone Championship for Journalists broke the record for number of participants with the participation of more than 50 journalists, among them Mercedes Milá. Organized by PROA Comunicación, the event brought together a total of 23 national media outlets: Telecinco, La Sexta, RTVE, Telemadrid, Cadena SER, Discovery, Movistar +, Europa Press, Servimedia, EFE, Hearst, RNE, Local Policy, Esdiario, Unika FM , Crossing, Ràdio Sant Boi, Hablamos de esquí, I love ski, Cadena Ibérica Radio, Nevasport and Planet BPM. RTVE and Hablamos de esquí were proclaimed champions in the snow and ski categories respectively. Journalist and presenter Mercedes Milá attended on behalf of SCIJ Spain, an international club of journalists founded in 1955. “We want all media from anywhere and everywhere in Spain to have representation in this club,” she declared as she encouraged the participants.

Javier Villar, managing director of Madrid SnowZone, thanked the journalists for being present, noting that “your collaboration has allowed us to celebrate the Championship and grow a little more each year.”  In addition, he wanted to thank the support of the RFEDI-Spainsnow, which was represented by the Olympic skier Juan del Campo. “I think about competition when I get up and when I go to bed, fierce and robust competition is a way of life. When you finish each descent, you have to have given it your all,” he said.

On her part, María González, marketing director of Madrid SnowZone, wanted to thank the technical management of the Championship to Club Tecalp, who coordinated the refereeing, the timing and the clinic. “Thanks to the whole club and especially to Juanjo de la Torre (technical director) for making it possible for journalists, for another year, one more year, to feel the thrill of participating in a robust competition.”

In the snow category, Jorge Gala (RTVE) was proclaimed champion after winning second place twice in the previous second and third editions. In addition, Carlos Marinho (Unika FM) and Marcos Chaves (Unika FM) completed the podium that both had reached in previous editions. On the other hand, in the ski category Nacho Correa (from the podcast Hablamos de ski) was the winner, marking a time under 20 seconds, and Ignacio Díaz Cortes (Hearst) -champion of the second edition- and Borja Fadón ( Esdiario) -runner up of the 3rd championship- completing the podium in second and third positions respectively.

In this edition, the great achievement of Juan del Campo, who reached the second run in Schaldming, was tributed in recreating a slalom in which journalists competed in the ski category. For the snowboarders, who descended later, the slalom was turned into a mini-giant, thus easing their descent.

In addition to these gifts, Madrid SnowZone delivered to all media participants 2 two-hour ski passes with equipment rental included and the winners received an annual pass from the track.

The families of the participants enjoyed different activities in the snow for girls and boys starting from three years old. In addition, those over the age of five were able to participate, for the second consecutive year, in a ski session guided by the Madrid SnowZone monitors.

Proa Comunicación’s Campaign for Madrid SnowZone, Recognized Among the Best of 2018

Top Comunicación has recognized the marketing communications campaign of the 2nd National Winter Sports Awards, carried out by Proa Comunicación, as one of the best of the year. Marked in the category of Culture and Entertainment, the campaign was developed during the months of September, October and November of 2018, achieving media coverage valued at more than 100,000 euros.

The proposed strategy to achieve this objective was developed around two fundamental aspects. The first was the relevance of the winners and the second was the need to strengthen the brand and promote winter sports.

Campaign Implementation

  • Campaña de notoriedad entre los clubes, las estaciones y las distintas federaciones autonómicas con el objetivo de sumar participaciones en los premios. Mediante acciones específicas de comunicación institucional, la campaña fue dirigida a estos públicos con el objetivo de lograr un número mayor de candidaturas respecto a la primera edición de los premios.
  • Publicity campaign carried out in sports clubs, ski resorts and between different regional federations with the aim of maximizing participation in the upcoming contest. Through specific actions of institutional communication, the campaign was directed to these audiences with the aim of garnering a larger number of candidates with respect to the first edition of the awards.
  • Institutional campaign, due to which María José Rienda (first woman to chair the High Council of Sports) and representatives of the Spanish Olympic Committee attended the event.
  • Creación del storytelling del evento, que en 2018 adquiría especial notoriedad por la medalla olímpica lograda por Regino Hernández en los JJOO de Invierno de Pyeongchang. Por este motivo, el evento centró el foco en dos momentos especialmente emotivos: El show homenaje en pista (retransmitido por RTVE) en el que se emulaban los descensos en slalom y esquí alipino de Paquito Fernández Ochoa y Blanca Fernández Ochoa, y el del propio Regino en snowboard, homenajeando así a las tres medallas olímpicas de España.

Esta campaña es la segunda premiada de Proa Comunicación tras la realizada para Degussa, que ha conseguido duplicar el número de visitas y de ventas al establecimiento, así como las ventas por internet de la compañía.

This campaign Proa Comunicación second recognized and awarded campaign after the one designed and implemented for Degussa, the latter managing to double the number of visits and sales to the establishment, as well bolstering as the company’s online sales.

Proa Comunicación, Madrid SnowZone and RFEDI, organize the II National Snow Sports Awards

Proa Comunicación, in collaboration with Madrid SnowZone and RFEDI-Spainsnow, organized the II National Snow Sports Awards, held last Friday November, 16th in the only indoor snow track in Spain. This gala served, for the second consecutive year, to pay tribute to the sector and its members: runners of today and always, stations, federations, clubs, institutions, brands, specialized press, etc…

Institutions such as the Consejo Superior de Deportes and the Spanish Olympic Committee were represented at an event that took place in the viewpoint of the indoor track. The gala was attended by María José Rienda (President of the CSD), Ricardo Leiva (Sports Director of the Spanish Olympic Committee), and May Peus España (President of the RFEDI), who coincided in pointing out the importance of prizes destined to be consolidated year after year. May Peus also recalled the need to recognize the work of people and entities in the sector: “Snow sports need to reward the figures who, every day, every training, every descent, every gesture, value this sport. These awards do not only reward sports categories, but also actions or projects that promote the sector.”

After a very special awards ceremony, in which the Olympic feat of Regino Hernandez and the presidency of the CSD of Maria Jose Rienda, among other distinctions, were recognized, an emotional spectacle took place on the slope. The performance was a tribute to the three Olympic medals in the history of Spain, those won by Paquito Fernández Ochoa, Blanca Fernández Ochoa and the award-winning Regino in Sapporo (1972), Albertville (1992) and Pyeongchang (2018), respectively. The historical descents of the three athletes were emulated taking into account aspects such as material and costumes, using for example Regino’s already iconic silver helmet. In the show, the three venues of the Olympic Games where these milestones were held took on special importance.

The jury that evaluated the nominations and decided the winners was made up of diverse representatives of the sector: Mrs. María José Rienda, President of the Superior Council of Sports; D. Alejandro Blanco, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee; D. May Peus, President of RFEDI; Ms. María José López, President of ATUDEM; Mr. Javier Villar, Director of Madrid SnowZone; Mr. Pablo Egea, journalist of MARCA; Jordi Font, snowboarder Olympic Diploma; and Mrs. Carolina Ruiz, Olympic skier.

The nine categories of the first edition of the awards have been maintained this second year, with the sole exception of the name of the Best Snow Coach Award, which has been renamed Israel Planas Award in memory of the late coach of athletes such as Regino Hernandez and Lucas Eguibar.

Complete list of winners of the II National Snow Sports Awards

Paquito Fernández Ochoa Award, to the best male athlete of the 2017/18 season: Regino Hernández, for his Olympic Bronze medal in PyeongChang 2018 in SBX.

María José Rienda Award, to the best female athlete of the 2017/18 season: Olga Martínez, Mushing athlete, World Champion in Canicross Damas de perros nórdicos in Falzé di Piave (Italy) and 2nd World Championship of Mushing on land (IFSS) in DCMV (canicross masters- scooter 1 dog).

Carolina Ruiz Award, to the best sportsman with projection of the year 2017/18: Thibault Magnin, sportsman of FS, Bronze Medal in Big Air (FS) in the Junior WC 2018, celebrated in Cardona NZ.

Blanca Fernández Ochoa Award – Mujer y Nieve, to the person or entity that has most distinguished itself in promoting the role of women in snow 2017/18: Maria José Rienda, the first woman to be President of the CSD and Secretary of State for the Sport.

ATUDEM Award, to the mountain resort with the greatest sporting involvement in the 2017/18 season: La Molina, for the organization in 2018 of the SBX WC.

Israel Planas Award, Best Snow Coach, Best and Most Professional Coach of the Year 2017/18: The SBX Technical Team, for the achievement of the Bronze medal in SBX JJOO PyeongChang 2018.

Snow Communication Award, for his support for communication in snow sports 2017/18: Jose Manuel Tallada, sports journalist and unconditional follower of snow sports, for his transmission of the SBX test in the Olympic Games and the famous: “Olé tu Regino.”

Snow Industry Award, to the Company with the highest promotion in Spanish snow, AUDI leading automotive company, unconditional support to snow in all its editions.

SPAINSNOW Award, to the club or FFAA with the greatest projection in the 2017/18 season Andalusian Federation of Winter Sports, for the constancy in the work and having achieved the first Olympic medal for its Autonomous Federation.

II Gala in Honor of Snow Sports

The II National Snow Sports Awards represent the beginning of a weekend full of activities and events, which had, as an important milestone, the opening of the Audi U16/U14 Spanish Cup, which opened the season of competitions. As the main novelty of this edition, on Saturday, the 17th, a series of qualifying races for the test on Sunday were also held. In addition, there were also snow days organized by Nevasport for 60 bloggers in the sector.