Spanish VAT Services entrusts Proa Comunicación the organization of the Madrid VAT Forum 2020

Spanish VAT Services Asesores, the law firm led by Fernando Matesanz, has once again commissioned Proa Comunicación to organize the Madrid VAT Forum 2020. The event, held in the auditorium of the Press Association of Madrid, brought together about 80 tax lawyers.

The Madrid VAT Forum 2020 addressed recent and ongoing directives about this tax, the consequences of Brexit, the fraud situation, the future of e-commerce indirect taxation, holding companies or the invoice requirement for input VAT deduction. The meeting also analysed the most recent case law of the European Union’s Court of Justice.

Fernando Matesanz, Managing Director of Spanish VAT Services Asociados, explained during his intervention that from January 1, 2021 digital platforms that “facilitate” the trade of goods must collect VAT from companies that sell through them and then pay it to the Tax Administration. This and the fact that the place of taxation in terms of VAT will be the country of destination of the goods will be the main changes brought about by the entry into force of Directive 2017/2455.

Two Proa Comunicación’s communication campaigns, among the best of 2019

Two communication campaigns carried out by Proa Comunicación have been selected as the best campaigns in the ranking prepared by Top Communication corresponding to 2019. This ones are the organization of the third edition of the National Snow Sports Awards and the celebration of Madrid VAT Forum

The main objective of the III Snow Sports Awards was to contribute, one more year, to give visibility to the sector, highlighting all the actions carried out from Madrid SnowZone and the RFEDI. For the third consecutive year, the remodeled indoor snow station raised its condition to become a vital partner of the RFEDI for the proper development of a gala that, every year, brings together the most important and representative figures of the sector.

In addition, one of the main objectives of the event was to remember and respectfully honor Blanca Fernández Ochoa, counting on the opinion and participation of her family members.

To achieve them, the communication strategy has been to reinforce the visibility of this meeting and, in this way, continue on the road in the task of providing recognition to winter sports. Likewise, it has focused more than ever on creating brand awards and contributing to its notoriety.

The communication campaign carried out for the realization of the Madrid VAT Forum, the first congress on VAT held in Spain, especially between the legal and fiscal sector, was aimed at obtaining broad assistance to this congress, but also to position Fernando Matesanz, as his office, Spanish VAT Services, as the most specialized in international VAT.

The strategy that was promoted focused on the development of a landing page for the Madrid VAT Forum, the design of corporate material, the convening of calls to potential audiences interested in attending and the management of relations with the media, especially with those of the legal and economic sectors. It was possible to give visibility to Matesanz, especially through interviews, stands, participation as a specialized source of information and reports, organization of meetings with experts, among other actions. Press releases were also prepared and disseminated announcing the congress and its contents.

Proa Comunicación Helps Organize the MADRID VAT FORUM 2020

Proa Comunicación is assisting, for the second consecutive year, the organization of MADRID VAT FORUM, the most influential Spanish conference on intra-community VAT. In addition to managing media relations and establishing the conference’s communication office, Proa developed the landing page, where tickets can be purchased, and the promotional video.

In recent years, the so-called Common VAT System has been subject to a series of modifications at the community level with the main objectives of harmonizing certain aspects of the indirect taxation of ecommerce, fighting against fraud, as well as proposing a series of solutions to facilitate intra-community trade of goods. Some of these modifications have already been approved and others are currently under negotiation pending final approval.

MADRID VAT FORUM 2020 will be held on Thursday, February 13, 2020 in the auditorium of the Madrid Press Association (Calle Juan Bravo, 6). At this event, the main changes and modifications recently proposed in the field of intra-community VAT will be presented and discussed.

In addition, other issues that tend to be the subject of controversy will be discussed, such as confrontation between formal requirements and exercising the right to deduct the VAT incurred or the VAT treatment of holding companies.

Finally, the impact that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will have on the field of VAT will be analyzed and a review of the recent jurisprudence of the European Union Court of Justice regarding VAT will be made. In addition, the event will analyze the way in which all this will affect the activity of the companies involved in international trade and their relationship with the different tax administrations.

PROA Comunicación Will Manage the Madrid VAT Forum 2020

Proa Comunicación will manage the communication of the Madrid VAT Forum 2020, the second edition of this congress, which will be held in February 2020, will address the new and different aspects of this European tax. The event is organized by the firm, directed by Fernando Matesanz, specialized in Spanish rate VAT Services and in collaboration with the Thomson Reuters publishing house.

In addition to the congress’s communication strategy, Proa Comunicación will be in charge of designing all the corporate material for the event. The objective is to position the Madrid VAT Forum 2020 as a reference event in its field of action, as well as maximize its visibility both nationally and internationally. Because of this, the organizers are being supported in all phases of the process, from the preparation of the Save the Date to the design of the congress’s website or video shoots.

Proa Comunicación was already in charge of managing the communication at the first edition of the Madrid VAT Forum. The first congress on VAT was held in Spain, also organized by Fernando Matesanz’s office, on February 14. On this first occasion, the presentations focused on analyzing and explaining all the changes that intra-community VAT will suffer until 2021. The congress managed to gather more than 160 lawyers and journalists. In addition, more than 80 impacts were achieved in specialized and general media, including publications of various interviews with the director of Spanish VAT Services during the pre-conference. On the other hand, Fernando Matesanz was included as a source in various reports about this community tax and published several stands on the changes in this taxation both in economic and specialized media. A position that has been maintained in the months after the congress was held.