Politics, an Auction

All living beings are still here because very soon, from their early stages as unicellular had to learn to distinguish the good from the bad. In human beings this biological archaism is also transferred to their mind and if education, training and other characteristics that make it human are not developed it does not discriminate, […]

Authoritarian leaders, progressive leaders

Alexander the Great directly attacked the Persian warlord who fled in fright scattering his army. Hernán Cortés with only five cavalrymen charged Aztec Cihuacóatl, shot him down and his army was dispersed. Tito, the marshal, goes to another life and Yugoslavia split up; Saddam Hussein, eliminated, his people continue fighting among themselves. Franco died and […]

Paper Governments

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m trapped in the series “La casa de papel”, where the goal is to save time while continuing to print bills. Our paper governments make us dizzy without compassion to continue fabricating votes. We should mark the day when the US elected a Hollywood movie actor […]

Is it Possible to Lead Without Lies?

These days, plastic has invaded everything in such a way that a few brave – with a lot of suffering, so it is said – presume to live without plastic. They appear on television reports working like fools not to use a single plastic wrap throughout the day. You have to admire their discipline and […]

The Drug of Power

Our political leaders are repeating the same news. The mediated dramatism keeping us hostage daily to tighten their negotiations makes the last weeks since the elections seem years. But what happens to these figures when they come into contact with power? This week Antonio Garrigues released his new poetry book, “Living Loves, Dead Loves.” It […]