Let’s Talk About Politics

All living creatures, and even some viruses, live, like us humans, in groups. We are able to refer to you by your individual identity and we can think. But we all have experiences that according to the group in which we exist, aspects, resources, qualities and even defects that are set in motion, which individually […]

Round Two: More of the Same?

It would’ve been a lot to hope, and even riskier yet to believe, in innovations of rhetoric and technique by politicians running for this second electoral round. There was, however, room for improvement, yet this potential to change for the better rather took a turn for the worse, especially when aggressive norms and ways played […]

Grand Reception of Proa Comunicación’s first 10-year Anniversary Observatory

The first observatory of the year celebrated the tenth anniversary of Proa Comunicación, presenting the Secretary-General of the Vox political party, Javier Ortega Smith, as keynote speaker.  The recent observatory has been remarkably well received by the public. Almost a hundred attendees gathered at the Club Financiero Génova in Madrid to listen to Ortega Smith, […]