José María Segovia Explains the Keys to Providing Excellent Professional Services and the Importance of Reputation

José María Segovia, former president of Uría Menéndez, explained on Friday at a Proa Observatory the keys to providing excellent professional services, among which he highlighted the passion and obsession for excellence and perfectionism. He also noted that human resources management is very important, in which, in his opinion, it is essential to combine fostering a very demanding environment while also showing generosity. At this point, he advocated fostering the sense of belonging to the company at all levels.

All of this, in his opinion, results in good customer service and therefore also into something that he considered of utmost importance; the reputation of the company, an essential intangible to grow business.

The Importance of Managing Crisis Communication

“Crisis communication is increasingly important in companies. It is a threat to relations with a target audience and as relations are increasingly weak, any threat can break them. Ideally, crisis communication should not be seen as the last link, but as another link in prevention and preparation.” Yago de la Cierva, Director of Crisis Communication at the agency PROA Comunicación, explains why crisis communication is so important and what the experience of an external consultant in managing a crisis can contribute. In addition, he explains how the Boeing crisis could have been better managed.