Video from Observatorio Proa Comunicación: Public Emergencies

Prevent, learn from others who have experienced the same issue, devise an action plan, coordinate how to send out your information, and evaluate what has been done. These are the key actions for good crisis management. This was derived from a lecture given by Yago de la Cierva, Director of Crisis Communicación at Proa Communiaction, after a presentation from Raimundo Herráiz, Director of the Madrid Emergency Coordination Center during the attack on 11M. This lecture took place at the Observatorio ‘Public Emergencies: lessons on prevention and planning for professionals and directors.’ The event was organized by Proa Comunicación with management collaboration from Club Excelencia on Friday November 8th in the Club Financiero Génova.

Proa Comunicación organizes the I National Congress of Resilience

Proa Comunicación organized the I Congreso Nacional de Resiliencia (First National Resilience Conference) that will take place November 14 at the Fundación Areces in Madrid. It will last for two days and was launched by the Spanish Institute of Resilience (IER), an organization whose mission is to promote resilience in individuals.

The first day of this conference takes place in person. It will mainly focus on the scientific contributions and some conceptual considerations, as well as personal experiences that serve as examples and that have been previously evaluated by the jury of the Resilience Award. On the other hand, the second day, which will take place online, will search through videos and communications to expose some of the most important resilient projects. This online modality will allow anyone who is interested to participate but cannot travel to participate.

To access the full program of speakers and round tables follow this link.

Proa Comunicación Participates in the Woman Forwards Awards Gala

Lucía Casanueva, founding partner at Proa Comunicación, delivered one of the Woman Forward Awards to Theresa Zabell, who was recognized for “Corporate Governance and Gender Diversity.” The event, held this Monday at the Italian Embassy, was organized by the Woman Forward Foundation, an institution that works to help create value in organizations by promoting female talent through research.

Theresa Zabell, the only Spanish woman with two Olympic gold medals and recognized as the best female sailor in the world by the International Federation, has been recognized with this award for her commitment to converting her athletic values such as strive, sacrifice, and perseverance to her life and her foundation, ECOMAR, which promotes a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle for younger generations.

The other 13 award recipients for creating value through gender diversity in the business and institutional world were the Italian Government, the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement, Mahou-San Miguel, Red Eléctrica, ESADE, SEK Educational Institute, María Wandosell, Mediaset, the Atlético de Madrid, Eva Levy, Pilar Gómez-Acebo, CEOE, and the European Parliament.

The awards ceremony saw many attendees from the business, economic, and political spheres of Madrid.

Successful Organization of the XIV Jornadas Científicas de la Fundación Alicia Koplowitz

Proa Comunicación has once again successfully organized the XIV Scientific Conference of the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation held on October 24 and 25 at Mutua Madrileña. Conference attendance as well as media coverage has been even more excellent this edition. During the last day, Alicia Koplowitz, president of the foundation, a total amount of 400,000 euros in aid to eight research projects concerning children and adolescents’ psychiatry and neurosciences and neuropediatrics.

In this year’s edition, 74 research projects opted for grants, of which 42 were from Psychiatry, 21 from Neurosciences and 11 from Neuropediatrics. Three External Evaluation Courts were responsible for examining them and making the selection. The Research Aid is aimed at teams that develop their work in hospitals, universities or Spanish research centers, in collaboration or without national or foreign teams. As an essential requirement, there must be a Spanish principal researcher linked to one of these centers during the two years of the project’s duration, who will be the sole recipient of the grant.

Proa Comunicación Sponsers the “Corporate Governence and Gender Diveristy” Awards

Proa Comunicación is sponsoring the “Corporate governance and gender diversity” awards organized by the Women Forward Foundation and will take place October 28th, from 19 to 23 hours, at the Italian Embassy. The awards were created to distinguish the companies and institutions that have integrated an exceptional level of gender diversity into their corporate governance.

The ceremony will feature Stefano Sannino, the Italian Ambassador, and Carmelo Angulo, the Spanish Ambassador and representative from the foundation’s Think Tank. They will hand out 14 awards from seven categories including:

  1. Distinction to the government or institution that has improved corporate governance following the approval of a regulation or its performance related to gender diversity
  2. Distinguished companies
  3. Educational institutions
  4. Media and Communication
  5. Sports organizations
  6. The managerial career best suited to good governance and gender diversity
  7. Associations, Foundations and Institutions

Proa Manages the Communication for the XIV Scientific Conference of the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation

Proa Comunicación is responsible for managing the communication for the XIV Scientific Concerence of the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation that will take place on the 24 and 25 of October in Mututa Marileña’s Auditorium on 33 Castellana. The presentations and round tables will be centered around the ‘Impact of Social Media and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on the mental health of children and teens.’

In this edition, as a new feature, the 1st Alicia Koplowitz Research Award will be awarded. Endowed with 3,000 euros, the award will distinguish the best scientific research work published in 2018 by young researchers, (less than 40 years old) partners of the Association of Scientists of Children and Adolescents’ Mental Health – Alicia Koplowitz Foundation.

10 Management Skills Required by Companies

Carlos Recarte, founding partner of Recarte & Fontenla, explains in Proa Comunicación’s video when companies should call a headhunter. Also, he describes to what extent it is important to consider the professional environment and highlights the 10 management skills that companies currently require:

  1. The courage and determination to take risks and accept failure.
  2. The ability to make decisions, especially those that are increasingly more difficult and lack perfect information.
  3. Self-awareness of strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots that prevent us from seeing our weaknesses.
  4. Flexibility to adapt to constant changes.
  5. Constant learning especially in personal development in everything related to the sector in which the company operates.
  6. The ability to be comfortable and well-versed in networking both physical and online.
  7. A developed global mentality that helps us have a more complete vision of the world and understanding of different cultures.
  8. The capacity to innovate and reinvent yourself in an almost constant manner.
  9. Integrity to say what you are thinking, and humility to learn from mistakes and failures.
  10. The capacity to motivate and inspire others to overcome the habitual resistance to change.

Proa Comunicación Joins the APD

Proa Comunicación has become a full partner of the Assosiation for Management Progress, an association with the main goal of promoting the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences across business management media in Spain. Outside of any political approach representing the defense of corporate and professional interests, APD has managed, thanks to its objectivity and independence, to be one of the most prestigious training, information, and networking centers nationwide.

For the founding partners at Proa Comunicación, Lucía Casanueva and Valvanuz Serna, “this strategic alliance with the APD allows us to improve our communication strategy and development that we offer our clients.”

Proa Comunicación Helps Organize the MADRID VAT FORUM 2020

Proa Comunicación is assisting, for the second consecutive year, the organization of MADRID VAT FORUM, the most influential Spanish conference on intra-community VAT. In addition to managing media relations and establishing the conference’s communication office, Proa developed the landing page, where tickets can be purchased, and the promotional video.

In recent years, the so-called Common VAT System has been subject to a series of modifications at the community level with the main objectives of harmonizing certain aspects of the indirect taxation of ecommerce, fighting against fraud, as well as proposing a series of solutions to facilitate intra-community trade of goods. Some of these modifications have already been approved and others are currently under negotiation pending final approval.

MADRID VAT FORUM 2020 will be held on Thursday, February 13, 2020 in the auditorium of the Madrid Press Association (Calle Juan Bravo, 6). At this event, the main changes and modifications recently proposed in the field of intra-community VAT will be presented and discussed.

In addition, other issues that tend to be the subject of controversy will be discussed, such as confrontation between formal requirements and exercising the right to deduct the VAT incurred or the VAT treatment of holding companies.

Finally, the impact that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will have on the field of VAT will be analyzed and a review of the recent jurisprudence of the European Union Court of Justice regarding VAT will be made. In addition, the event will analyze the way in which all this will affect the activity of the companies involved in international trade and their relationship with the different tax administrations.

“The State’s Job is to Avoid Historical Deformations for Political Purposes”

The former Minister of Education, Culture, and Sport, José Ignacio Wert, presented his book The Education in Spain, a Pending Subject in Proa Comunicación’s videos celebrating its tenth anniversary. “The state’s job is to avoid historical deformations for political purposes,” he said forcefully when referring to the Catalan social and political conflict. Additionally, he highlights in his book that “the manipulation of textbooks used in Catalonia has been abundant” and this has not only been the work of the nationalist parties, but the Tripartito Government as well.

On the other hand, in relation to the Lomce (organic law to better the quality of education), he wanted to point out that “the lack of implementation of its main objectives is what has prevented a greater improvement in education.” Also, he remined us of the context of the law saying that “the Lomce was passed during impossible fiscal and economic conditions.”

Lastly, he signaled that dropping out of school early is the main problem in Spanish Education, “it surprises me how poor the awareness of this problem is in our country.”