Ortega Smith : “Equality today is a mere declaration of principles”

“Equality today is a mere declaration of principles,” proclaimed Javier Ortega Smith, Secretary General of VOX, in the first observatory of the year celebrating the tenth anniversary of Proa Comunicación under the slogan ‘Defending Spain in the courts, held on Monday at the Club Financiero Génova. This strong affirmation was made referring both to the situation in Catalonia and gender violence laws, which his party believes violate the equality established in Article 14 of the Constitution and the presumption of innocence.


With a greater sense of alarm he considered the situation in Catalonia, “a coup d’état, which today continues with the complicit acquiescence of the national goverment.” In essence, he believes that “States have the right to defend themselves,” and to do so “separatist parties must be outlawed,” based on the example of neighboring countries, such as Germany and Portugal. In this regard, he stressed that the situation in the autonomous community “is not just Catalonia´s problem, but that of the entire nation”, that we must send a message of trust and hope that reaches every last Catalan, especially those who are separatists “due to expedience or fear”, and whom in his view have not been sufficiently taken into account by previous governments.


In this sense, Javier Ortega Smith would opted to “revive a national education system and eliminate autonomous communities’ authorities to dictate education, because the school’s purpose is to transmit knowledge”, while education is “a responsibility of parents.” He also highlighted the potential of civil society as an instrument of social change and the need to strip political parties of the “absolute monopoly” and the power they hold over social movements.


He defined his platform as a political party that integrates self-employed workers, businessmen, students, “people who live comfortably” with those who, in to his words, have had to take “a step forward to defend the basic principles of the Constitution.” , the Rule of Law and equality “. How does his party intend to do this? As explained by Ortega Smith, through four fundamental fronts: on the street, in an ideological struggle “against the political and moral supremacy of some who believe that there is only a single valid discourse”, in the polls and in the courts. In reference to this last point, he recalled that it was the City Council of Jaén with the support of his party that became first to approve a motion requesting the invoking of Article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia.


Autonomous Community and Municipal Elections

Asked about the results expected in the most immediate elections, the autonomous community and municipal elections of May 26, he predicted that VOX votes will be decisive in shaping and conditioning majorities, predicting the his party to become “the most or second most voted for the second in several municipalities.” Although, more than the number, what his party considers more important is whether the votes won “will be sufficiently decisive”, to condition the “cowardly right-wing Partido Popular (PP) or the ever flip-flopping Ciudadanos” to be able to rewrite policies “imposed by the ideology of the left.” He is commited to ensuring that VOX will guarantee that “policies will change, not just seats.” VOX hopes to suprise in places where it seemed more difficult, as “where firemen are most needed is where there are more fires”.

Despite this willingness to negotiate, he stressed that “the two red lines of the flag of Spain” will be the lines that mark the limits when it comes to collaborating with PP and/or Ciudadanos: the defense of the unity of Spain and freedom. “We will try to implement as many of our policies as possible, but it will depend on the parliamentary or municipal strength we’ll have.”

Such a force is based on the diversity of both geographical origin and attributes of its 28,000 members and its voters. Thus, he reported that 30% of those who come to their doorstep are young, first-time voters or people who have not voted for a long time, “because they do perceive with the complexes of previous times”.  He defined his party as that of the “Spain which gets up early”, alluding to his early morning having breakfast at a typical Spanish bar. “The more they insult us, the more sympathizers, voters, and support we have,” he concluded.

Javier Ortega is a lawyer by education, having graduated in Law from the University of Alcalá with complementary studies at ICADE´s Faculty of Law. He was the head of legal affairs of the Foundation for the Defense of the Spanish Nation (DENAES) and is also a former soldier, having served in the Special Operations Corps of the Spanish Army (COES).  Apart from being a mountaineer, he is also a diver, a swimmer and a karateka.  But undoubtedly Ortega now spends most of his time fulfilling his duties as the Secretary General of Vox, also leading the popular lawsuit against the coup leaders of Catalonia in the Spanish Supreme Court.

The Proa Comunicación Observatories

The Proa Observatories are discussion forums complemented by the participation of prominent executives, politicians and professionals.  They were enacted with the purpose of becoming a laboratory of ideas, where genuine dialogue is fostered to debate current business issues as well as discuss corporate reputation, branding and public relations as important elements for businesses to improve and succeed.


Among the distinguished guests who have participated in these forums are economist Manuel Conthe, President of Red Eléctrica Spain Jordi Sevilla, former Minister of Education, Culture and Sport José Ignacio Wert, writers Pablo D’Ors and Pilar Urbano, Director of External Communication at Deloitte Antonio Belmonte, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations at El Corte Inglés José Luis González-Besada, the High Comissioner for the Spanish Brand Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, Director General of the OJD Manuel Sala and IESE Professor Yago de la Cierva, editor of Innovación Digital de Vocento Borja Bergareche and the President of Multinacionales por Marca España José María Palomares, among others.

Proa Comunicación collaborates with the XIV Edition of the HANDS Charity Auction

Proa Comunicación will again participate in the Hands 2018 charity auction for the Emalaikat Foundation, an NGO dedicated to the creation and development of sustainable water resources in Africa. The auction will be held on December 4th in Madrid (Casa Club C/Pinar 17), and the entire proceeds will go to the Foundation for the development of water resources in Turkana (Kenya).

This solidarity event will bring together designers, artists and prestigious firms, outstanding professionals and wonderful people, benefactors of this event, who join every year, responding to the call of Ana López de Letona to, in her words, to bring “drops of life and hope to many people in Africa.”

The HANDS Charity Auction is a solidarity action that seeks to inform, raise awareness and sensitize society about the evolution of the situation in Kenya and Ethiopia. HANDS is also an exceptional opportunity to get to know first-hand the work carried out by the missionaries of the Community of Saint Paul the Apostle and the Emalaikat Foundation in Africa, where they have built, together with the local communities, more than 74 rafts and 83 rock dams, as well as promoting numerous actions for access to drinking water and basic sanitation.

If you want to attend the HANDS 2018 Charity Auction, or want to collaborate by sending a gift for the raffle or auction, just send an email to

Diversification and focus on business, values of communication specialized in asset management

According to Inverco figures, the market for Collective Investment Institutions (CIIs) in Spain has doubled in size in the last five years. Between 31 December 2013 and 30 June 2018, the total volume of Collective Investment Institutions (CIIs) (investment funds, pension funds, Sicav, real estate CIIs and foreign CIIs) increased from 344 Bn € to 591 Bn €, an increase of 58%.

According to the CNMV, in Spain there are almost 120 Collective Investment Institution Management Companies (SGIIC) registered. In addition, there are 36 international managers associated with Inverco that market foreign CIIs to national clients, both retail and institutional. These managers provide a volume figure of 164 Bn € at the end of June 2018, whereas at 31 December 2013 there were 25 managers providing a total figure of 55 Bn €.

The Spanish market is, therefore, a business opportunity for companies dedicated to asset management, both national and international. Advances in technology, open architecture, low interest rates and economic growth are among the factors that have driven investment in these financial instruments.

Its advantages, and its ability to optimize investment, are key to volume growth because the funds provide diversification that reduces risk, access through experts to markets, assets and geographical areas, a wide universe of products available, and favorable taxation.

Brand Qualities

Communication specialists ask ourselves: How can we help the business of management companies?  Getting distributors to choose funds from our management clients, as recipients of investment decisions for their clients.

The first step is to position the brand of the manager with the qualities that define it

  • What type of manager I am: national, international with a more or less extensive presence in the market, independent, belonging to a financial group, author’s manager, wealth manager…
  • How do I add value: What are my competitive advantages in terms of volumes, the markets I work in, the quality of my managers, the profitability of my products, the management styles I use, the quality/risk ratios of my products, whether I rely on active or passive management, costs, the breadth of my range, whether I co-invest with my participants, whether I am flexible in decision making…
  • What are the ways for me to grow: whether I target private clients, or institutional clients, and which segments (private banking, personal banking, retail, business); how and through what channels I want to distribute my products in the market.
  • How do I adapt my business model to a new regulatory environment that reduces retrocessions for the sale of funds to the distributor.

Communication actions

The second step is to choose the recipients and the communication actions to be carried out, in order to consolidate the perception of the brand that the manager wants to transmit.

To this end, actions should be diversified, depending on the audience and the content that achieves the greatest impact:

  • Mediators: Professionals such as bankers, financial agents, fund selectors, analysts, advisors, or managers working in EAFIs, private banks, commercial banks, securities agencies and companies, family offices, insurance companies, etc. The most efficient way is to hold events on market/asset/geographical vision and on products, which provides positioning and personal contact with the mediators.
  • Users of online distribution platforms: Actions to strengthen brand presence that highlights the competitive advantages of the manager in online media, SEO and SEM positioning in social networks, or specialized forums and blogs.
  • Final Investors: Actions to generate a more massive brand presence, highlighting the competitive advantages, and those of their products through marketing. Actions that can materialize in general and specialized online and offline media, social networks , blogs, forums, sponsorships, advertising, other marketing actions, etc.

In conclusion, a communication strategy specialized in content, diversified in actions and focused on the client’s business objectives, is the best response to the needs of those managers who want to take advantage of the strength of the Spanish fund market.

Javier Ferrer

Proa Comunicación Consultant specialized in the financial services industry

Condé Nast chooses PROA Comunicación to develop its communication strategy in Spain

Condé Nast Publications, one of the most important multimedia publishing groups in the world, has chosen PROA Comunicación to develop its communication strategy in Spain.

Present in 29 countries on five continents, Condé Nast has the most prestigious titles in Spain: Vogue, Glamour, GQ, CN Traveler, AD and Vanity Fair.

A specialist in the creation of the highest caliber, most authentic and visually attractive content, on all platforms and for the most demanding and segmented public, Condé Nast embodies the values of high-end brands, such as excellence, talent, preeminent quality, innovation and exclusivity.

Proa Comunicación organizes the first FaqFraud meeting at the ISDE headquarters

FaqFraud, a non-profit initiative that constitutes a line of help to stop fraud in the ecosystem of digital advertising, held on Thursday, April 26, the I FaqFraud Meeting in the new headquarters in Madrid of ISDE Law Business School. The event, organized by Proa Comunicación, featured four presentations and a round table that addressed the theme of the day: “fraud in digital advertising.” FaqFraud, a pioneering project in Spain, has the collaboration of LiniCom, Xaxis, Rubicon Project, Adobe Advertising Cloud, CMVocento, IAS, Zeotap, ISDE Law Business School,, AMNET, Tap Tap and Sunmedia by Fibonad. Read more

Juan Antonio Samaranch reviews the Olympic news in ‘Objetivo Tokio’

Proa Comunicación has managed the last interview of the vice president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Juan Antonio Samaranch, who has participated in the program of the channels Teledeporte and Canal 24 Horas ‘Objetivo Tokio’, a weekly chapter of ten minutes dedicated to sports competitions annuals with the participation of the athletes who received a scholarship in the ADO Plan, their preparation, rivals, medal options and the technical aspects of the sports discipline.

Samaranch has analyzed in this program the main novelties of the next Olympic Games of 2020 to be held in Tokyo, the importance of intelligence and technology in the Olympic system, the different tools used in the fight against doping, or the memory to the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92 ‘.


Proa Comunicación, in the last issue of Real Deals

Proa Comunicación participates in the April issue of Real Deals magazine, a reference publication of the European venture capital industry. Real Deals publishes the most important private equity news in Europe, together with comprehensive market and company analyzes and comprehensive quality coverage.

The Real Deals team also produces some of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the industry, including Mid-Market, UK Mid-Market Debt and Private Equity Awards.

On its website they host Real Deals Intelligence, a unique database of more than 400 European GPs, 800 funds and 5,700 portfolio companies.

The VINCI Autoroutes Foundation trusts in Proa for the communication of the 5th edition of the European Barometer of responsible driving

The VINCI Autoroutes Foundation relies on Proa Comunicación for the communication of the 5th edition of the European Barometer of Responsible Driving, which will present its results in April. As every year, the foundation carries out a large survey of European drivers from 11 countries of the European Union to review the habits of Europeans at the wheel. This barometer allows the identification of risk behaviors and good practices, thus contributing to a better orientation of prevention recommendations in each country.

Read more