Jorge Freire <span class="dash">——</span> The imitative radiance

The family gets together to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. A woman overcomes her sister’s apocryphalism and gathers her in a tight embrace. The uncle makes his teenage nephew drink from his glass, arguing that he “knows a lot about this”. Children and grandchildren crowd around the table like chicks in a nest. A cluster of vocal […]

Mario Garcés <span class="dash">——</span> Transition

The author denounces a general cause against the spirit of the Transition at the hands of a left that, he claims, uses a manipulated historical memory I am convinced that more than half of the new thinkers who think about Martin Villa’s role in the Transition and the events for which he is being judged […]

José Antonio R. Piedrabuena <span class="dash">——</span> It’s the citizens’ fault

The Council of the World Health Organization (WTO) has repeatedly mentioned the disappointment and physical and emotional exhaustion of health care workers and warned that September “generates a growing sense of fear and desolation because of the progressive increase in serious cases that threatens to flood our health centers, emergencies and hospitals.  A resentment of […]

José Antonio R. Piedrabuena <span class="dash">——</span> Summer diet

A good gazpacho can be made with tomato, melon, watermelon, cucumber, onion, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice  This is a way of heading an article that may seem strange, but it gives me no idea what to see people with their water bottles and the possibility of overloading the kidney.  That can and should […]

Time of doubt, savings and simplification

The knowledge is born of curiosity, curiosity being the daughter of doubt, the awareness that we know nothing (or little) about the world around us or that could surround us. It is for all this that we continue to be amazed and to search around us for these elements. There are also discoveries that are […]

Red lines

The reconstruction phase will soon begin, in which we have to be on site to avoid the damage that can occur to one of the social systems that, although perfectible, works best in our country: the pension system. There is no doubt that Spanish and European bodies are preparing documents with proposals on how to […]

An alarming situation

Indeed, the situation was alarming when the alarm state was established. And then? Now it is chaotic and absolutely uncoordinated, the General Council of Nurses has said, because of the incessant contagion by coronavirus without protective measures. For its part, the General Council of Doctors will appear as an accusation against the Health Department in […]