Time of doubt, savings and simplification

The knowledge is born of curiosity, curiosity being the daughter of doubt, the awareness that we know nothing (or little) about the world around us or that could surround us. It is for all this that we continue to be amazed and to search around us for these elements. There are also discoveries that are […]

Red lines

The reconstruction phase will soon begin, in which we have to be on site to avoid the damage that can occur to one of the social systems that, although perfectible, works best in our country: the pension system. There is no doubt that Spanish and European bodies are preparing documents with proposals on how to […]

An alarming situation

Indeed, the situation was alarming when the alarm state was established. And then? Now it is chaotic and absolutely uncoordinated, the General Council of Nurses has said, because of the incessant contagion by coronavirus without protective measures. For its part, the General Council of Doctors will appear as an accusation against the Health Department in […]

National Security and COVID-19

The objective of Security is to ensure the integrity of people, physically and mentally, as well as everything necessary to achieve it, properties, health, food, communications, etc. To do so, it is necessary to determine the vulnerabilities of the system to be secured. Because in this way the risks can be evaluated and these can […]

Now more than ever, the SME needs a contingency plan

“We’re living this like a movie, a scary movie.” This was the beginning of one of the many announcements that have flooded the net these days and which so well reflects the uncertainty that many entrepreneurs are experiencing. And perhaps it is for this very reason, because of the fear generated by the current situation […]

Communication strategy for the epidemic: information by flood

Information crisis management is a compulsory subject with a wealth of literature and many case studies. One of the golden rules of crisis communication is that it must contribute to success and not put sticks in the wheel, not become an additional problem. Like the good referee in a disputed game: go unnoticed, do not […]

After the pandemic, nothing will change

We are experiencing cooperation, solidarity, the applause on the balconies, all symptoms of how all animals, insects, bacteria, when they have serious difficulties come together. There are theories from anthropologists and some ideologists that evolution is based on the fact that we have killed and fought. The idea that behind everything human is the struggle […]