With this training service, from PROA Comunicación we want to offer our clients the possibility of knowing the new trends in the field of communication, as well as developing new skills or abilities that affect the day to day of your company.


PROA Communication offers comprehensive training of spokespersons not only in their relationship with media, but with other relevant stakeholders or communicative contexts that may affect the company. It is a complete program in the form of a seminar where, through theoretical contents and practical cases, professionals are prepared to face any situation.

Crisis Communication Course

Training program in seminar format where we teach our clients to face all kinds of crises. This course offers the most important keys related to conflict scenarios and crisis management, including the creation of action protocols, among other instruments. We help companies to safeguard their reputation in times of crisis.

Effective Writing Course for Professionals and Companies

PROA Communication launches the ‘Effective Drafting Course for professionals and companies’, a training program aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of written communication. The course, which lasts eight hours and is based on an absolutely practical methodology, is aimed at any professional who wants to master the basic rules of effective writing.

Training program
on strategies and
digital communication

PROA Comunicación launches a training program on strategies and digital communication for companies and professionals that seek to boost their brand in a changing scenario and that requires us every day to develop new skills and abilities. In this program, the necessary keys will be offered to build or improve the digital identity of companies and professionals with practical cases.

The Insider.
Tailor-made suit for
senior managers

The Insider is an information intelligence service exclusively for senior managers. Its objective is to help think and decide the leaders of the companies. Weekly, it offers a personalized selection, depending on the interests of each company, of relevant and strategic analyzes that appear in the best publications in Spain and the world.