Servicio: Positioning, news relations and CEO profiles on social media
Sector: Engineering and R&D


A multinational leader in the engineering and R&D sector, Altran, contacted PROA to communicate and strengthen its leadership in Spain, taking advantage of a change of management to do so.

The company also needed to position and raise the profile of its new CEO. Our major handicap in this project was that the company undertakes most of its projects for other clients; it works on engineering and R&D for projects by other companies. In order to communicate those projects, either it needs permission from the partner in question or their partners communicate the projects themselves.


PROA launched a high-profile communication strategy. In terms of news relations activity, on the one hand we focused on organising one-to-one meetings between the CEO and journalists who specialise in the fields of technology and telecommunications at leading media outlets, so they could get to know one another. We also made sure that experts at the company were available to them to help whenever they needed something. On the other hand, the milestones reached and events organised by the various company divisions were used to prepare press releases, seek involvement by company experts in reports, organise interviews for them and draft/edit forum texts and opinion articles for them. A major focus was placed on activity by the Human Resources Department and the company’s foundation. Everything we did was targeted at national and regional general-interest media, as well as economic and sector-focused media channels. The CEO’s social media presence is also being managed, especially on LinkedIn and Twitter.


A higher profile has been achieved for the company via the one-to-one meetings between the CEO and journalists, for the CEO’s social media profile, for the press releases about company activity, and for the forum texts by the senior executive, the Head of Human Resources and the managers of the various divisions. A number of executives at the company have also become go-to experts for the specialist media and they are being called for interviews or to provide their expert opinions in news articles and reports.

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