Last Thursday, April 26, a new edition of the Observatorio Proa de la Comunicación was held, which was presented by Ben Kendall (CEO of Warren Films): ‘The storytelling in corporate management’. «Storytelling is prevailing in the business environment in response to the fact that we live in the economy of attention and meaning. That is, we have created a world that constantly emits messages that we can not assume in its entirety. We only stay with those who bring meaning to our lives. Therefore, get the attention of our interlocutors is a treasure to conquer by those who want to get their messages and proposals of value, «he said.

Numerous investigations and CEOs of large companies know the strength of a good story associated with a brand, «with an appropriate history we can connect with all our audiences and strengthen our own leadership, that of our team and companies,» said Ben.

Ben Kendall is M.F.A. Program in Cinematographic Production of the University of California of Los Angeles, has a B.A. with Honors in Sociology and Literature from the 1987 Wesleyan University and the Lewis Award in the Best Critical Essay category. He has been in charge of the general management of Kelsing Comunicación and Warren Films and is Cofounder with Santiago Segura de Oz Postprod, as well as founding partner of Séptima Ars Film School and Santa Bárbara Music.

Pioneer in the introduction of storytelling in digital content for different brands and Spanish institutions, in 2015 he was guest of honor in the Conferences on Storytelling and Digital Content for Spanish ports, addressed to 50 Dircom of the main ports and shipping companies. His work introducing elements of emotional narrative in the 2016 DGT campaign was awarded at the Advertising Festival El Sol and the Club de Creativos. In 2016 he developed the 360º campaign for the 300th Anniversary of Correos and in 2017 the El Apagón campaign, based on real events, through conventional and interactive channels that was a trending topic in the month of December.

The Proa Observatories are stable discussion forums that include the participation of prominent executives, politicians and professionals. They are born with the vocation to be a laboratory of ideas where a genuine dialogue is encouraged to discuss current business issues, as well as corporate reputation, brand and public issues as important elements for the improvement of companies.

Among the personalities that have participated in these meetings include the economist Manuel Conthe, the former Minister of Public Administration Jordi Sevilla, the former Minister of Education, Culture and Sports José Ignacio Wert, the writer and priest Pablo D’Ors, the Director of Communication Externa of Deloitte, Antonio Belmonte, the High Commissioner of the Government for the Spain Brand, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, and the Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of El Corte Inglés, José Luis González-Besada, among others.