FaqFraud, a non-profit initiative that constitutes a line of help to stop fraud in the ecosystem of digital advertising, held on Thursday, April 26, the I FaqFraud Meeting in the new headquarters in Madrid of ISDE Law Business School. The event, organized by Proa Comunicación, featured four presentations and a round table that addressed the theme of the day: «fraud in digital advertising.» FaqFraud, a pioneering project in Spain, has the collaboration of LiniCom, Xaxis, Rubicon Project, Adobe Advertising Cloud, CMVocento, IAS, Zeotap, ISDE Law Business School, Nugg.ad, AMNET, Tap Tap and Sunmedia by Fibonad.

Juan Antonio Muñoz-Gallego, director of strategy and business development of LiniCom and promoter of FaqFraud, made a performance of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ that served as a common thread for all the presentations and consented the attendees about the need to fight fraud in the digital advertising sector. «We are all becoming aware, it is necessary to unite to set limits and fight together against fraud».

Benito Marín, strategic consultant of Integral Ad Science, put in value the possibilities that the sector has to stop the fraud, «not only we can control it with tools that are already developed but also through initiatives like FaqFraud». In addition, Integral Ad Science presented a preview of the Media Quality Report for the second half of 2017, which shows that fraud in Spain is much lower than in countries like the US. «However, we must prevent before it represents something whose control has more difficulties,» he said.

For his part, Luca Brighenti, country manager Spain and Italy of Nugg.ad, explained how a DMP can help maintain control over processes, highlighting the quality of a Data that Marc Ginjaume, Country Manager in Spain of Zeotap, believes essential to certify, «the central condition for the program to give good results is to base campaigns on quality data with the necessary scale». In addition, Hernán Rodríguez, Digital Business consultant and Blockchain strategy, explained how this technology can be key in this issue, «the level of confidence that such technology can achieve will significantly reduce fraud».

In the subsequent round table, moderated by Miguel Nieto, senior business developer of Rubicon Project, participants agreed that advertisers should be more aware of how and where their inventory is purchased, since premium inventory shows significantly lower levels of fraudulent traffic. Oscar Rodríguez, Managing Director of Xaxis, participated in the table; Rafael Martínez, DAN Programmatic Leader & Head of AMNET Iberia & SSA of AMNET; Miguel Nieto, senior business developer at Rubicon Project; Borja Ussia, head of programmatic of CM Vocento; Álvaro Pastor, VP operations & international of Sunmedia by Fibonad; and Álvaro Mayol, Partner and Chief Technology Officer of Tap Tap.

FaqFraud offers full support to all companies that need advice on fraud material in the sector. Through the web www.faqfraud.org (and its profile on LinkedIn and Twitter), experts in different areas of digital advertising will serve as a direct help line for those professionals in the industry who need to solve fraud problems.

The idea of ​​FaqFraud was supported, in a first phase, by eight professionals from different companies that represent the entire digital ecosystem by integrating an AD-tech (LiniCom), a Publisher (Vocento), a Data Provider (Zeotap), a SSP (Rubicon Project), a DSP / DPM (Adobe), an agency (Xaxis), a verifier (IAS) and a legal figure (ISDE Business School). In addition, the interest of the initiative has added to companies such as Nugg.ad (a Zalando Company), AMNET, TapTap and Sunmedia by Fibonad.