Análisis de la comunicación: insights y soluciones desde PROA


Desde estrategias innovadoras hasta soluciones prácticas, nuestro objetivo es proporcionarte las herramientas y el entendimiento para superar cualquier obstáculo en el camino hacia el éxito en comunicación.

Branded content, an efficient tool for business communication

Digitization has transformed the way companies communicate their brand and product image. It converts communication into bi-directional, allowing the company to optimize its actions to the maximum, due to the fact it has the capacity to analyze the target, resources allocated to each action, and the return obtained through different metrics: number of users, degree of affinity, visualizations, etc.

However, digitization allows the user to create his perimeter of channels with which he relates to the world. In practice, the user, by choosing channels, creates barriers that hinder the reach of companies´ image or product campaigns, making the investment more costly.

Communicate and build loyalty efficiently

The Branded Content tool, therefore, is being configured as a communication formula that brings efficiency to business communication.  Branded Content generates content that turns the brand into the protagonist of a story, getting the consumer to identify it with the emotions and values that have been transmitted by that story.  It is a tool that makes the brand closer and more relevant to the user, and amplifies the impact of communication.

The first known case of Branded Content is that of the North American Association of Spinach Distributors. In 1929 the association reached an agreement with the producer of the Popeye cartoons, so that spinach would be the key food for the script, because it brings superhuman strength to the protagonist. The result was that the audience perceived spinach as Popeye does, fundamental to his life.

Another more current example is that of the film Cast Away. The protagonist Tom Hanks works for the transport company Fedex, and a plane crash leaves him alone on a deserted island in the Pacific for several years.   The viewer identifies Fedex with the values Hanks conveys throughout the film: a man who struggles to survive, hard-working, constant, and generous, who in the end achieves his goal.

Five success stories

The BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association) has recognized the five best Branded Content campaigns carried out in Spain. All of them, based on exciting and convincing ideas, brought to the public with a 360º vision, with content adapted for transmedia consumption, that is, through different channels such as RRSS, TV, PR events, advertising, marketing, and press.

  • “Casaterapia” campaign to promote the differential philosophy of Leroy Merlin

The company wanted to transfer the values that define its differential philosophy: Boldness, Inspiration and Pedagogy, to be identified as the best ally for people who renovate their home. According to Leroy Merlin, «improving the house means improving people’s lives», «the more I give to my house, the more it gives back», or «each house reflects the personality of the person who lives in it.»

These values and principles are conveyed in a miniseries of 4 chapters of 23 minutes each, broadcast on DKISS, which describes four real cases of people who have carried out renovation projects in their homes.

With this campaign, it reached an audience of 1.1 million people, more than half of whom identified the brand with its differential philosophy. Almost 35,000 people viewed the miniseries on Youtube.

  • Campaign «When I grow up I want to be…» to promote the sales of the Barbie doll, from the Mattel company.

Supporting the vision of girls between 4 and 12 years who want to succeed as adults is the leitmotif of the Mattel campaign, maker of the Barbie doll. The company created a video in which three women who have achieved fame and professional success, transmit to three girls who dream of imitating their success in life, the values they consider key to success.

Each character synthesized in one sentence the origin of the success. Carme Chaparro, presenter and writer, attributed it to the fact that «if you fight, your dream will succeed.» The gymnast, Almudena Cid, who expressed that «we obtain dreams if we believe in them.» Businesswoman Vicky Martin Berrocal insisted to her admirer that «don’t be afraid that it won’t turn out well.»

The video was screened at Divinity, and distributed in PR, PR events, and press. The campaign achieved a significant improvement in the share of this channel, accessing 60% of the target, with 100% affinity.

  • Campaign «La maquina del tiempo» (the time machine) to promote Electium’s death insurance.

With death insurance the user pays for his relatives to save the costs of funeral and burial when he dies. To promote the launch of one of these products, the company Electium held a script competition to choose the one that best conveyed a person´s «last act of love» with their loved ones.  Associating the product with the best possible farewell that a person can give to their relatives.

The winning script was for the short film «The Time Machine», a very emotional video of high cinematographic quality, which won several national and international awards. The campaign achieved 203,000 views, and achieved strong sales increases, especially because the insurance salespeople «fell in love» with the product thanks to the video.

  • “Pipol in da house» campaign to promote the youth fashion of El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés wanted to promote the young spring-summer 2018 fashion collection with a campaign aimed at young people with the «Z generation» profile. To this end, it launched a series that was broadcast on Netflix and Instagram, and in the digital spaces of stores and brands, where four very popular influencers share flat and life experiences while wearing El Corte Inglés fashion brands.

The objective of the campaign was to transfer values such as authenticity, credibility and modernity, related to this target market, and associate them with these brands. The campaign obtained 10 million reproductions, 650,000 likes, and 20,000 new followers for the Instagram account of El Corte Inglés. Organic engagement multiplied by 6.

  • “El Observatorio de la Empresa” campaign to strengthen Vodafone’s corporate customer segment

In order to encourage the capture of corporate customers, Vodafone launched a campaign to change brand perception from one more telephone operator, to a leading company in innovation and the most qualified partner to help a company undertake a process of digital transformation.

To this end, it created “El Observatorio de la Empresa”, a platform with the widest range of content about the impact of digital transformation on companies. Content that addresses the issue from any point of view: qualitative, quantitative, through success stories in companies, countries or sectors, or through contributions from leading experts. And, to facilitate access to and understanding of the contents, the platform has a simple datalab with an attractive look & feel.

The campaign was publicized in the national, local and regional press in order to ensure that it reached as many Spanish companies as possible. The result has been a change in perception and greater brand visibility for Vodafone, as well as a return on investment multiplied by 6.

Javier Ferrer
Proa Comunicación Consultant specialized in the financial services industry



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