The expert in Communication and Brand Carmen Gómez Menor defended that «communication is part of the business and it impregnates everything» during her participation this Wednesday December 18 in a session on the situation and new challenges facing the profession organized by Proa Comunicación, in which she also warned that «having credibility before the media is the most important thing for professionals in this sector. In the context of a detailed tour of the different stages of his professional career, Gómez Menor offered his vision and the lessons he has learned from each of the positions he has held from his beginnings in small agencies to his passage through other leaders or large companies in the luxury sector.

Thus, he stated emphatically that, right now, «communication is part of the business, has gone beyond traditional limits and it impregnates everything», highlighting how difficult it has been to make companies understand that the person responsible for this area has to be with the CEO.

With regard to the lessons learned, he stressed the importance of understanding the cultural environment in which one works and of considering «where the one in front of you comes from», illustrating this with his experiences in Cartier’s Communication department in Asia, in Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. But he also advised using the good things in each. He added the need to have a solid knowledge base, as well as a sense of responsibility to make everyone’s work profitable and a constant search for innovation to «anticipate the risks and challenges that clients will face and anticipate trends.

As for the challenges for the future, the technological revolution, in particular the extension of artificial intelligence, and the increasing globalization, advised to face them «focusing on emotion and personalization».