Claire Global, an intelligent marketplace for agrifood companies, has relied in Proa Comunicación to produce its corporate video. Proa has put into value a pioneering software in the sector, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, it has shaped how Claire Global responds to the need to connect, buy and sell products worldwide more quickly and easily through the use of predictive technologies.

Claire Global, whose registration is free for users, is a B2B tool that operates as an international broker. In addition, to facilitate the access to direct markets for both buyer and seller, it breaks down language barriers serving as a sales orientation. To this end, the platform acts on its own initiative, combining in real time the offers with the demands made by users from all over the world.

The Audiovisual Services Unit of Proa Comunicación, led by its creative director Ben Kendall, has been responsible for the complete conceptualization and realization of the project.