Proa Comunicación will manage the communication of the Madrid VAT Forum 2020, the second edition of this congress, which will be held in February 2020, will address the new and different aspects of this European tax. The event is organized by the firm, directed by Fernando Matesanz, specialized in Spanish rate VAT Services and in collaboration with the Thomson Reuters publishing house.

In addition to the congress’s communication strategy, Proa Comunicación will be in charge of designing all the corporate material for the event. The objective is to position the Madrid VAT Forum 2020 as a reference event in its field of action, as well as maximize its visibility both nationally and internationally. Because of this, the organizers are being supported in all phases of the process, from the preparation of the Save the Date to the design of the congress’s website or video shoots.

Proa Comunicación was already in charge of managing the communication at the first edition of the Madrid VAT Forum. The first congress on VAT was held in Spain, also organized by Fernando Matesanz’s office, on February 14. On this first occasion, the presentations focused on analyzing and explaining all the changes that intra-community VAT will suffer until 2021. The congress managed to gather more than 160 lawyers and journalists. In addition, more than 80 impacts were achieved in specialized and general media, including publications of various interviews with the director of Spanish VAT Services during the pre-conference. On the other hand, Fernando Matesanz was included as a source in various reports about this community tax and published several stands on the changes in this taxation both in economic and specialized media. A position that has been maintained in the months after the congress was held.