Claire Global, an international marketplace for agri-food companies, has trusted the development and management of its communication strategy to Proa Comunicación. With a leading software in the sector based in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Claire Global answers to the need of connecting, buying and selling products all over the world in a faster and easier way through the use of predictive technologies.

Claire Global, free of charge to users during registration, is a B2B tool that operates as a worldwide broker. As well as facilitates access to direct markets for buyers and sellers, it breaks down language barriers serving as a sales guide. To this end, the platform acts on its own initiative, combining offers with demands made by users from all over the world in real time.

This marketplace is developed in Spain and the profile of the users ranges from the big players in the agro-food production and distribution to small and medium buyers and sellers, bringing together leading companies in the food sector from all over the world with the aim of understanding and covering the needs of all the actors involved in the process of buying and selling food products.

More than 150 companies from 20 different countries are already part of the Claire Global community, which, despite it stated operation in January 2020, has already carried out its first international transactions, thus feeding the platform with data that, through further processing, will enrich the service provided to users.

Claire Global is promoted by Meat to trade and food, a trading company based in Spain that specialises in products such as beef, pork, poultry and fish, and exports mainly to Asia, Africa and EU countries. Claire Global has been developed by BigML, a leading company in the development of software based on artificial intelligence.

How does it work?

Buyers and sellers in the food sector register as users in the marketplace, through an API that connects to a global database. After that connection, users are verified in real time by an automatic process.

Once the reliability of the companies has been verified, users can make purchases and sales using a product wall that is updated every five days – at most. This is intended to influence the dynamism of the transactions that take place within the platform.