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The objective of the campaign was to communicate the results of the XI Barometer of Responsible Driving of the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation, which has been preparing this report in collaboration with Ipsos for eleven years. To execute the campaign we define three communication objectives:

  • Raise awareness among Spanish and European drivers of the importance of good driving practices.
  • Identify risk behaviors and their good practices, thus contributing to a better orientation of prevention recommendations.
  • Generate a correct use of the vehicle for users.

The use of mobile phones, speeding, not respecting rest hours and, in general, breaking the rules at the wheel, are behaviors that directly affect accidents on the road and in the city.


The strategic communication plan carried out and executed by PROA allowed a favorable dissemination of the Barometer results, effectively collecting the position and values of the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation through the use of three levers: making the study public, positioning the Foundation as an expert in driving practices, and obtain information to better understand users.

Seeking to transmit the key messages through positive formats and with an ambitious information strategy, the use of different and innovative communication tools, such as infographics and visual materials adapted to each medium, allowed to expand the permeability of the campaign among the target audience.

The focus of these actions was directed both to general, national and regional media, as well as to economic and sectorial media of interest, in the written press, television and radio.


The notoriety received by its presence in the media allowed the launch of the report to be a success, having obtained a diffusion of more than 23 million users.

This success has allowed the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation to continue to position itself as a benchmark at a Spanish and European level in the search for responsible, safe and ecological driving.



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