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José Antonio R. Piedrabuena —— It’s the citizens’ fault

The Council of the World Health Organization (WTO) has repeatedly mentioned the disappointment and physical and emotional exhaustion of health care workers and warned that September «generates a growing sense of fear and desolation because of the progressive increase in serious cases that threatens to flood our health centers, emergencies and hospitals.  A resentment of the health workers «against a system that does not respond, neither doing what is necessary, nor fulfilling what it promises. Fear and desolation that we share with the rest of the citizens.

But the point is that the origin of the relapse is not in the politicians but in the citizens. They do not experience danger, they believe themselves invulnerable, and they lack social responsibility. Thousands, in some nations and in ours, are demonstrating against the masks, denying the virus, saying it is a hoax. We have always had these semi-delirious denials. We deny the fifty thousand who die, who also deny their abuse of alcohol, as many because of tobacco, and something similar because of overweight, or in serious addictions, they deny and deny reality from some ideologies.

It is a question of responsibility, of the sense of danger, of anticipating, of the faculties of the most human part of our brain. This is what drinkers, smokers, obese and sedentary people do not do. 90% of our brain is like that of any animal.

We should rethink how the pandemic is being communicated. With concrete examples. A young 19-year-old nurse’s aide leaves the ICU, but is forced into a long recovery process because she has lost the ability to walk. Another young person has lost her lung capacity and has to walk on oxygen. Just like a doctor on the screen with oxygen. When I saw their vivid testimonies on television I was left with a clear idea of the magnitude of our enemy. This will not be produced by the daily count of victims or the repressive methods.

The citizen’s conduct is the same as that of our representatives, nor do they have any idea of the danger to mental, moral and economic health of their constant proclamations of the fragmentation of the nation, of attacking the Monarchy, of eliminating consensual values, the very perverse democratic memory, because there is no other than that derived from scientific research, not this one that seeks to justify an ideology in order to follow its devastating rampage. For example, in the education of our children and therefore sex education corresponds to the State, to the point of eliminating the idea of being a man or a woman from biology and many other insults to collective well-being. They could rest from their revolution and the assault on power and leave us in peace so that we can begin the emotional recovery of so many beings that we have lost, of so many jobs in the gutter and that we can strive for the means to avoid ruining ourselves much more. All this has increased a deterioration of collective morale.

The consumption of alcohol is associated with adverse cerebral results, it alters the levels of lipids because a metabolite that the liver produces to get rid of the alcohol, the acetate, blocks the oxidation of the same ones, (a necessary step to use them as fuel) what carries that they transform into fat for the arteries and fatty deposits.

An attack against our mental health that continues to be made, is the need to return to what, for them, the Civil War did not solve: the Republic. The Transition was the union of democracy, freedom and development, and with it we have walked to Zapatero and now we can. We have been at peace and continuing to improve on all issues, and at a time when we do not know what will become of us in the next course, and those who are alien to the national reality and the international context continue to want to break what has been achieved. Until the insults to the King, who as the highest symbol and representative of the Constitution, is an obstacle to its purpose, are obligatory.

The media and the political parties waste no time in fixing «our alarming demographic decline, the unsustainable nature of our pension system, the financial and political unfeasibility of our territorial fabric, the rampant aggressiveness of separatism, the galloping debt and deficit, the deteriorating educational level, the unacceptable disconnection between representatives and the represented, the pathological primacy of the executive branch over the legislative and judicial branches, the toxic invasion by the parties of constitutional and regulatory bodies, civil society and the media, and corruption on the edge of the systemic, are extremely serious threats to the stability and survival of our social edifice that do not admit of patches or delays» (Published by Alejo Vidal Cuadras in VozPópuli).

Every summer I read Don Quixote again. A character intoxicated by his readings, fanatical origin of his ideology, which like these provided him an identity, and a transforming arrogance of society, a wise man but who loses his mind when he interprets reality from his books. What books and reality do the anti-vaccines consult or these of now with the COVID-19?

That is what is happening to an important part of our political class and its followers, who seem not to see the consequences, like that one, of their stubbornness in bringing to the present theories of previous centuries. Ideology, like political dogma, is a paintbrush to save knowledge and give identity and mental and emotional stability to its holders.

The same thing is being done by every citizen who breaks the rules, those who deny the virus, vaccines, ideological ecology and animalism, all derived from theories and denial of reality, and like those, they also have ideologies to explain their attitude.

But we have other fronts to reflect on and put a stop to it. Look at what the researchers predict, with the approval and complacency of the media: «We will have sensors to connect with what today we call the cloud that will guide us in the processes and applications to find information distributed among devices that we will wear» (Next step). Others who continue to ignore what a human being is and the impact that all this can have. And the type of life that the citizen should lead. So much information, what for?

Another of the many who want to change us and adapt their way of seeing the world, with the same security and messianic intentions as any other of the many ideologies that are spread and that try to impose themselves on us.

Everything is aimed at the world of information and data; there is interest, money attention, programs. But we do not know what to do with the hundreds of young people who are filling our cities like Madrid and Barcelona with crime.

They, like us, deny the obvious, we deny our personal, mental and physical fragility; they deny the fragility of a society that is decomposing, of a policy based on vote auctions, they deny the fragility of the economy and of the very depressed morale of citizens, as well as the enormous interdependence of the international context from which we must also expect global threats.

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José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena
Specialist in Psychiatry, and in management training, group and couples therapy




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