Madrid SnowZone, one of the largest covered snow tracks in the world and the only one in Spain, held the 3rd Madrid SnowZone Championship for journalists on Sunday 22nd April. The third edition has consolidated an essential sports event for the media, which counted on the representation of more than 50 journalists. A total of 26 media enrolled in the event, among which Telecinco, BRAND, RTVE, Cadena SER, Europa Press, Servimedia, Hearst, RNE, Expansión, Esdiario, EFE, Unika FM, Crossing, Tricksnowboard, Cinco días, Cadena Iberian Radio, Nevasport and Travesía.

Pablo Egea (MARCA), in the ski competition, and Carlos Marinho (Unika FM), in the modality of snowboard, were the winners of some tests in which the traditional giant mini slalom was replaced by a small ski / snow circuit cross – in which the participants could measure themselves in timed descends – that served to honor the medal of Regino Hernández. On behalf of the RFEDI, Laro Herrero, 10 times champion of Spain and member of the Olympic team in Sochi 2014 and Pyeongchang 2018 attended. Borja Fadón (Esdiario) and Ismael Díaz (RTVE) completed the podium in the skiing modality. Jorge Gala Díez (RTVE) and Sebastián Méndez (Tricksnowboard) did it in snow. In addition, all the winners received medals, feeling elite athletes on an unforgettable day.


1. Pablo Egea (MARCA) 1ª manga: 16,54 2ª manga: 16,1 TOTAL: 32,64
2. Borja Fadón (Esdiario) 1ª manga: 16,92 2ª manga: 16,28 TOTAL: 33,2
3. Ismael Díaz (RTVE) 1ª manga: 17,97 2ª manga: 17,08 TOTAL: 35,05


1. Carlos Marinho (UnikaFM) 1ª manga: 20,91 2ª manga: 19,74 TOTAL: 40,65
2. Jorge Gala (RTVE) 1ª manga: 22,03 2ª manga: 20,9 TOTAL: 42,93
3. Sebastián Méndez (Tricksnowboard) 1ª manga: 22,85 2ª manga: 21,69 TOTAL: 44,54

The technical management of the championship was carried out by the Tecalp club, a Madrid high level skiing team that managed the refereeing, the chrono and the clinic. In addition, Tecalp will give a competition training for the first three classifieds of skiing, while Toto Chamarro, teacher and rider of Team Madrid SnowZone, will give a master class of freestyle for the first three classifieds of snow on the indoor track of Xanadu.

The winners of the two modalities received a weekend trip to Boí Taull with a ski pass for 2 people thanks to, the website for ski, adventure and relaxation offers in Andorra, the Pyrenees, the Sierra Nevada, the Alps, etc. In addition, they will have the opportunity to receive a masterclass from the National Snow Sports Team, and they have an annual pass for Madrid SnowZone. On the other hand, the second and third of each modality received as a prize a masterclass of the Tecalp Club (skiing mode), and Toto Chamarro (snow), guinness railing 2008 record, plus an annual pass for Madrid SnowZone.

The runners up received an RS Roslain Sport watch, while the third ones were awarded an RS Roslain Sport bracelet. In addition to the three winners of each modality, this edition had a special award in recognition of the best female score, Carolina del Río (Nevasport), which received an RS Roslain Sport watch, a masterclass with Tecalp and an annual Madrid SnowZone pass .

All the participants of the Championship received a welcome pack (in wetbag format) that included: thermal shirt, bracelet balance RS Roslain Sport, liquid wax for skis Nzero 100% ecological (best ecological product of the world of snow at the ISPO 2017 fair), cream ladival urban flow FPS50 and 4 passes of 2h with equipment for Madrid SnowZone. In addition, among all the participants, an experience pack with two Cardinal glasses, a Salomon ski boots of the 2019 season, some Burton snowboard boots of the 2019 season, some snowboard bindings of the SP brand -model Fastec Core- were offered. for The White Days, and an annual pass for Madrid SnowZone.

Javier Villar, general director of Madrid SnowZone, wanted to highlight the transformation of the track to host this edition: «to consolidate the Championship as a benchmark among journalists we thought it necessary to modify the circuit and surprise the more than 50 registered who wanted to join us » For its part, María González, marketing director of Madrid SnowZone, said that «one more year, the sponsors have been key so that we can reward the participants as they deserved. This year we have been able to win more prizes. «