The ‘Instituto Palacios’, a private reference center specialized in women’s health and medicine, places its trust in PROA for the management and development of its communication strategy.

Founded 30 years ago, the ‘Instituto Palacios’ is directed by Dr. Santiago Palacios, also president of the Spanish private gynecology section and the Hispanic Osteoporosis Foundation, he is considered one of the best gynecologists in Europe and the first to create a unit of menopause in Spain.

The center, committed to excellence, uses the most advanced and innovative technology in its treatments, offers personalized and close follow-up with patients at all times and the ability to perform all tests (medical history, cytology, ultrasound, mammography, analysis etc.) in less than 90 minutes. In addition, it has a long history in research, organizing the SAMEM congress (National Meeting of Women’s Health and Medicine) and the GINEP, a private gynecology congress for more than 20 years. He plans to organize a congress for women in general and in this way try to raise awareness of the importance of ensuring their health and going to the gynecologist, as well as to publicize the latest technical developments that improve both the pelvic floor and sexual health.

Elena Palacios, director of communication at the Institute, has indicated: “It is essential to have a solid communication strategy to value all our experience in the sector. We are sure that our collaboration with PROA will meet our expectations.»