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After the pandemic, nothing will change

We are experiencing cooperation, solidarity, the applause on the balconies, all symptoms of how all animals, insects, bacteria, when they have serious difficulties come together. There are theories from anthropologists and some ideologists that evolution is based on the fact that we have killed and fought. The idea that behind everything human is the struggle is the class struggle. The struggle, the aggression, the contempt of those who are not like us, «possessors of the truth», of some rulers who, in Spain, continue to sponsor the fragmentation and the rupture of social cohesion, the attack on history, exacerbated by the perverse and manipulated memory of the civil war where there were only deaths in the area of the so-called Republic… Historical Memory to stir up fragmentation and the peripheral tensions that give them votes. And this is not going to change, we will continue to be polarized to our disgrace.

This crisis, as in any undertaking, would be resolved with the contribution of everyone’s solutions; therefore, we are not going to emerge victorious just through harangue and propaganda, but through something similar to what the drafters of the Constitution did, now, in this health crisis, they are not going to be able to do it again, to unite.

These circumstances of the murderous virus that threatens us have shown us the faces of politicians on every continent: they are now turning to the scientists, too late. But since that coronavirus of 1918, scientists know that these pandemics will return and we should recognise them, prevent them and arm ourselves before they arrive. This one now appears in China and at least the doctors, not to say the experts in pest medicine, knew it would come.

It is surprising that what is saving lives in all diseases are good diagnostics derived from scientific research. In the old days people died because health workers applied theories about illness, humours, blood thickening, phlegm and spirits. They made sangria, purges and other treatments derived from their bookish knowledge and speculations. I do not believe that the politicians impose their policies on us because they have achieved a good diagnosis of the Nations, of what is happening and of what is coming. We will not go very far when even what we are and have been is being manipulated, they attack historical science, they ignore preventive medicine. We must continue to divide, to destroy what seems to be developing, the unity on the balconies, to value science, health care, the forces of law and order, with a failed casserole to the King.

With these envious people in charge we are going to face after this the pandemics that will come, which are already here: economic, environmental, of desertification of more than half of Spain, of the lack of water resources because the politicians block the creation of connections between the north and the south, for when there is a surplus of water and transfer it. Because water does not belong to everyone, the Ebro basin belongs to them, for example.  There is a lack of research to see how to support this climate change with the help of science.  Another next pandemic that is already here and is going to be more: the fifty-six thousand smokers who will die every year, the same proportion due to obesity, as many due to sedentary lifestyles, or the 2.5 million killed by salt consumption in the world: because it diminishes the function of the cells of the immune system, it produces hypertension, obesity, cancer, especially stomach cancer, autoimmune diseases… because we continue to include it, in an exaggerated way, even in bread. This pandemic is not going to kill so many in Spain.

Measures should be taken, one of them being to maintain what is now in the forefront, to continue to put the health workers and scientists, the many who are supporting the functioning of Spain, in their rightful place, giving them part of the space of many of those who occupy it: influencers, talk-shops, ideologists, gossip programmes, brands, products, hoaxes, false graduates, false personalities, the triumph of image, the overvaluation of new technologies, false food, no longer doubting the truth and believing the lie. The exaltation of technology, artificial intelligence and the belief that emotional intelligence can be taught in schools and bring humans into the same fold led by qualified experts in the same, as if it were that simple and become an expert too.

Each person, profession, social status, level of development, is going to need a different one. TVE is dedicating resources not to sponsorship, but to highlight researchers, youth singers in «Operation Triunfo» (including political indoctrination), sewers, cooks in which the leaders of the Master Chef Junior program arrive in luxury limousines as the triumphant Caesars of the battles came in their floats; and other entertainment to abhor and eliminate culture, preparing minds for simplism. So says sociological research. All this on state television. By proposing these models to the youth with which to identify themselves with these exalted and weighted professional qualifications we will face the future. We will not be able to pay the costs of this health epidemic, of social models, of sectarianism.

And as if that were not enough, the six educational reforms since 1980, dictated by the Socialists, except for one by Wert which did not come into force, are not enough. When there are too many theories about something, none of them are valid. These legislators are perplexed because they legislate from ideology, not from knowledge of the reality of the classrooms and what society will need. The pandemic could wait until 8 March for an urgent need to include sex education in schools and sexual freedom.

With this work of fragmentation we will not be able to tackle many other challenges either, such as agriculture and livestock farming which will disappear in a few years from our geography, of this there is no doubt that it will happen, as we doctors had no doubt that the Grim Reaper would come from China. Of the lack of stimulus to industrialise and of support for the creators of employment.  If these health professionals and virologists – not those from the government who did listen to them – who are so highly regarded and valued now, of course, provisionally, because when this happens they will once again be unknown and confined to their laboratories, badly paid. If they had been heard, we would have saturated the hospitals and groups with anti-contamination measures, with sizing and therapeutic tools.

Well, since the WHO’s communication in January, these gentlemen have, as I have said, been entertaining themselves about gender equality, sexual freedom, basic income, the attack on the monarchy, and other things derived not from a diagnosis of what we need but from their old, very old ideology.

But no, they have spent time and money in their struggle to achieve the gender policies, so fundamental to the survival of the human species in 2020! «We’re going to live in it»… Calvo Dixit, who for such a cyclopean company exposed thousands of women in one of the 76 Women’s Day demonstrations in Madrid, covering up the one that was already in the pandemic. In short, above the lives of all of us was passing the law of sexual freedom, getting the support of the independentistas, euthanasia. All of this should help us to understand that their ideology, their interests in preserving their paycheck are and will be above human life and this will not change at all afterwards.

But as Don Quixote, intoxicated by his bookish ideology, we see him with apprehension, not stopping from adventure to adventure, looking for failure, the butter, the whack, they continue to do politics, that is to say, intoxicating our minds looking for culprits without making self-criticism, moral sermons on television, in the midst of human tragedy, instead of managing their lack of preparation for the governance of Spain. This is the consequence of the votes of uninformed Spaniards who have put them there and will certainly continue to vote for them.

It is also the worldwide consequence of voting for mediocre, narcissistic, infantile people, who, not to make matters worse, I am silencing more severe diagnoses that are more in line with their personalities, and so this has become a worldwide pandemic. They have not taken any measures, and the bad thing is that they are going to cause millions of deaths and they are going to get away with it. Is there such a thing as genocide through recklessness?

The American Trump destroying world trade rules, exalting racism and disregarding science. Boris Johnson with a Brexit based on manipulation, amalgamation of lies, government ineptitude and corruption that has divided the country. Leaving it as the US and Spain are also, fragmented. In Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro diagnosing «crack».

All leaders, the result of the ability of modern marketing and the power of personalities capable of psychologically returning entire nations to a state of emotional radicalism. -Technically, a paranoid-schizophrenic emotional position.  All of them without paying any attention to the health authorities in time and in this I would not rule out any world ruler. India has had four months to take action, and so have the leaders mentioned. They are all united by the absence of science and culture, two essential tools for managing the complexity of what is present and what is to come.  Nations led by immature people will follow and voters who identify with them and will keep them with their votes. The vote will not change.

This crisis will not help, because these leaders will continue, using collective emotions to put the majority of the populations at their service, polarized. If they were normal people they would have learned what nations need, even at the global level, which is not going to happen. Even today, Minister Montero excuses herself and blames herself, and continues to make politics in the midst of the death and family tragedies of thousands of people.  «The right and the extreme right are using the coronavirus crisis «We did what the health authority and the experts told us» They are the authority, but innocent. So, erase the health workers and other public servants and their exemplary sacrifice, the priority is the casserole against the King that hinders his communism, like the «powerful» the Banks and the Electric Companies, not nationalized, the institutions and all this without pause between dead and confined. There will be no change, we will continue with the fragmentation, the division, it will continue after this tragedy and don’t be optimistic, because we will get worse… and with voters in your favor and a recession of a couple of years or more if the same characters are still in charge.

Those who are in charge now and their perhaps very weak opponents have to start now to prevent what will come, the sadness, the anger, the unemployment and the closing down of job creation factories because they are not the ones who create it, of thousands of losses of projects, professional and vital, for many the ruin. To all this, we must add that we will see each other as potential carriers of viruses, that we will have lost even more of the little confidence we have in politicians. And those models, so many people who have lost their lives in service, will disappear from our lives again. We have at least a year in which the virus can attack us.  We will think a lot about what we spend, we will fear the groups, the proximity of people, the trips, the main source of income, tourism, will have fallen. And these gentlemen will continue to use our emotions to secure their payroll.

For Sanchez they are all to blame, including the European Union, everything but him and his team. And that will continue. Let us not expect them to take corrective action on all this, because the human mind, especially of half-developed people, lacks the functions of anticipation, of prospecting, it does not detect anything other than its interests, as happens in adolescents with emotional development problems. Ethics appears in developed brains, in consolidated emotional systems, the fruit of stable, loving homes, dedicated to the care of their children. By the way, many single women have considered taking their children to their rightful owners, that is, to the Moncloa or the Torrelodones case…they had no one to leave them with.

Also the World Health Organization decreed as toxic the red meat that we continue to recommend to the doctors a couple of times a week. The mental plagues attack everyone and disturb the common sense even of international organisms by not defining clearly the rights of the children or what was said of the red meat because if not the Minister of Education, she would not have been so dogmatic affirming that the children are not of the parents. In short, we will return to the emotional plagues, to radicalism, to Catalonia and to other separatisms.

They will make us forget, among them and their related means of things, as so many heroes of the real Spain that is not that of the politicians. Who, by the way, do not want to expose themselves and leave the Chamber empty, but will continue to be paid, there will be no ERTE for them.

José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena 
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis. Specialist in management training, group and couples therapy



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