Hismael Doval, Innovation Manager of Deloitte, has given a workshop on its specialty to Proa Comunicación employees at the agency’s headquarters.

«Innovate is to implement a creative idea with the purpose of creating value for customers,» he said at the beginning of his speech. Through a video and questions that forced the participation of the attendees, he explained what innovation is, why and how to do it, as well as dressing all his premises with very illustrative examples. Starting from there, he explained that any innovation process implies a change, a risk, leaving the natural environment of what is known and going beyond the boundaries of the organization in which one works to interact with new collaborators. In addition, he stressed that there is a need to have a will to start all these processes, «because human beings are not physiologically predisposed for innovation.»

In a world that is evolving faster, he considered it necessary to learn from the past and work in related ecosystems, in addition to observing in order to be able to glimpse opportunities, because «an innovation opportunity can arise from each problem». He also stressed that «combining two ways of thinking can be a source of inspiration.»

And he concluded with a recipe that combines the terms listen, read, take advantage of the opportunity to work with others, search, be curious, and associate to find the business possibilities.

Before joining the Deloitte team, Hismael Doval worked for 13 years in the Innovation Department of Deutsche Bank in Geneva and a little more than a year at the strategy and operations consultancy A Piece of Pie in Barcelona.