According to Google’s latest report, advertisers are losing 3.5 million dollars a day with unauthorized resale of inventory and domain spoofing in 16 of the world’s most relevant digital media. For this reason, FaqFraud was born, a non-profit initiative that constitutes a line of help to stop fraud in the digital advertising ecosystem. This project, pioneer in Spain, has the collaboration of Adobe Advertising Cloud, Integral Ad Science, LiniCom, Rubicon Project, Vocento, Xaxis and Zeotap. Proa Comunicación welcomed the presentation to the media of this initiative at its headquarters.

FaqFraud arises thanks to the collaboration between experts from the programmatic world and key companies throughout the digital advertising ecosystem. The initiative will offer full support to all companies that need advice on fraud material in the sector. Through the web (and its profile on LinkedIn and Twitter), experts in different areas of digital advertising will serve as a direct help line for those professionals in the industry who need to solve fraud problems.

Also, through a video campaign, the different experts that make up the initiative will make more dynamic the explanations about the main concepts of fraud in programmatic advertising, advising with audiovisual content.

Initially, FaqFraud will be integrated by eight professionals from different companies that represent the entire digital ecosystem by integrating a Publisher (Vocento), a Network (LiniCom), a Data Provider (Zeotap), an SSP (Rubicon Project), a DSP / DPM (Adobe), an agency (Xaxis), a verifier (IAS) and a legal figure (IKEA). These experts will offer help to any advertiser, media or professional seeking advice, information from secure partners or tools to combat fraud.

Six representatives of the initiative were present during the presentation: Jesús Carrera, director of strategy and commercial management of Vocento, Juan Antonio Muñoz, director of strategy and business development of LinCom, Miguel Nieto, senior business developer Spain & Portugal of Rubicon Project, Manuel Rodríguez Páez, head of agency partnerships Iberia of Adobe Advertising Cloud, and, on behalf of Integral Ad Science, Carter Nicholas, Director in Spain and Portugal, and Benito Marín, strategic consultant. The initiative is completed by Marc Ginjaume, country manager of Zeotap, Oscar Rodríguez, managing director of Xaxis and María Gómez, Global Data Steward for Customer Privacy Compliance at IKEA.

Currently, there is widespread ignorance in the digital advertising sector about what is fraud and what is not and, even more important, how to detect and stop it. «It is worrisome the amount of money that advertisers lose per day in their investments, if we extrapolate the Google figure to all the media in the world, the amount of losses requires immediate actions to stop it,» said Juan Antonio Muñoz, promoter of FaqFraud.

Manuel Rodríguez Páez highlighted the decisive capacity of the initiative, highlighting the composition of FaqFraud, which covers the whole funnel of digital advertising. «We have experts in each subject and, although there is still much to learn to stop fraud in digital advertising, we can help advise in any field depending on the questions raised.» On the other hand, Miguel Nieto has put in value FaqFraud for aspects such as the verification of the quality of the data, «we all have to join that transparency and together we will be able to stop the fraud».

In addition, Jesus Carrera wanted to highlight the importance of being optimistic about the detection and control of fraud, «we have to give confidence to the market.» A message that fits with the percentage of fraud in Spain because, as Carter Nicholas has pointed out, «in Spain it is between 0’5 or 3%, a low figure compared to the US».

«Advertisers must feel safe. We must unite from the whole chain to transmit that security, «said Benito Marín, who has ruled that most of the fraud is caused by the action of the bots.