Vae Solis Corporate, Proa Communication partner since 2013, and Footprint> Consultants announce their merger under the name of Vae Solis Communications. This operation unites two renowned strategic communication companies, committed to the independence of the Board of Directors. This gives rise to an important actor in the communication sector in France.

Vae Solis Communications will bring together 45 consultants around its eight partners, including Arnaud Dupui-Castérès and Philippe Manière, founders of Vae Solis Corporate and Footprint> Consultants, respectively. The firm will offer a wide range of services, from the corporate communication strategy to media relations, crisis communication, corporate and corporate communication, and public, financial and digital communication.

The mission of Vae Solis Communications is to support managers to develop and protect the reputational capital of their companies. The freedom of tone and spirit of Vae Solis Communications guarantees its clients independent advice with high added value.

This operation gives rise to a new player who is among the top five players in the independent world of the sector in France with a particularly strong presence in crisis communication, judicial communication and financial communication. Vae Solis Communications aims to become the first French company with an international dimension in terms of strategic communications and reputation consulting services. Its objective is to reach a gross margin of 20 million euros in 2025, an objective that will be achieved by generating sustainable organic growth, but also through the acquisition of skills and the development of an international network in Europe and beyond.

Vae Solis Communications will be chaired by Philippe Manière and Arnaud Dupui-Castérès will become CEO. «I am delighted with this operation that allows us to create one of the leaders in the strategic communication sector in France. Our firm now brings together a range of experts that will allow us to offer our clients a comprehensive and high quality consulting service, ”says Arnaud Dupui-Castérès, CEO of Vae Solis Communications.

«Our organizations share a track record of success based on very similar values, professionalism and commitment. Together, and thanks to a strong team of excellent quality, we will continue the adventure and accelerate growth to build a top-ranking European actor, ”adds Philippe Manière, president of Vae Solis Communications.

45 consultants, including eight partners: Guillaume Didier, Corinne Dubos, Arnaud Dupui-Castérès, Philippe Manière, Alexis de Maigret, Isabelle Mas, Laurent Porta, Christophe Reille. More than 100 clients and presence in Paris, London and Brussels.

They are experts in: