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National Security and COVID-19

The objective of Security is to ensure the integrity of people, physically and mentally, as well as everything necessary to achieve it, properties, health, food, communications, etc.

To do so, it is necessary to determine the vulnerabilities of the system to be secured. Because in this way the risks can be evaluated and these can be evaluated, making the Security Plan that fulfills the objective previously exposed.

Almost no western country has carried out any of the functions necessary to carry out a protection of the citizens. Many of the actions have been erratic, ignoring scientific criteria and abusing almost exclusively political criteria.

All this could have happened because the values are changing for the worse, Ministries of Economy that instead of generating wealth and creating companies, they close them down, of Justice that are unjust, of Interior that do not assure neither the citizens nor their properties and only worry about confining the individual and social liberties, of Equality only for a few, technicians that seemed to be politicians. The only thing that has not changed is the Treasury, the obligation to declare.

That is why no one in the Spanish Government was able to understand what was happening in China first and then in Italy. Only Germany and Sweden have made more rational plans, thinking about the citizens to protect, without closing everything or confining everyone.

No less important is the absence of credible and serious data.

How can a National Security Plan be constructed with these conditions? It is practically impossible. To make it possible, information should flow and the participation of all public and private entities should be ensured.

One of the things that should have been determined is the scope not only of the people, but of the resources to solve the vulnerabilities that would have been detected. And so, allocate the money needed to avoid or alleviate the problem as much as possible.

But guided by the exercise of confusion carried out, the vulnerability has been understood as weakness, the sincerity of recognizing a complex situation, by the arrogance of the ignorant or the pimp who seems to know everything and knows nothing, only to remain in power.

Manuel García Ramírez 

Independent consultant. Director of MGR Consultores IT y Seguridad. Former Director of IT Production in Financial Entities. Director of Security at the Catholic University of Avila. Degree in Physics from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.



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