The next day, March 22, will take place, on the occasion of the celebration of World Water Day, the charity dinner Gotas para la vida. This meeting organized by the Emalaikat Foundation will take place in the restaurant El invernadero de los Peñotes and will have the collaboration of Proa Comunicación as a benefactor company.

Water is an essential element of sustainable development. Water resources, and the range of services they provide, play a key role in reducing poverty, economic growth and environmental sustainability. Water promotes the wellbeing of the population and inclusive growth, and has a positive impact on the lives of billions of people, by influencing issues that affect food and energy security, human health and the environment.

For all these reasons, for years the United Nations has celebrated World Water Day every March 22, to warn of the need to bring water to the most needy. The Emalaikat Foundation’s priority is to bring water to Africa; Every year they celebrate World Water Day with the campaign «Drops for life», with the funds raised to be used to build a well in Turkana.

The campaign «Drops for life» is also an exceptional occasion to learn first-hand about the work carried out by the missionaries of the Community of St. Paul the Apostle and the Emalaikat Foundation in Africa, where they have built, together with the local communities, more than 200 dams and rafts and 190 wells in addition to promoting numerous actions for access to drinking water and basic sanitation. «Drops for life» is also a tribute to them and share this day with them to water many lives together.

If you want to attend the «Drops for life» register through the following web page:

Cena Benéfica Gotas para la vida (Dia mundial agua 22 marzo 2018)