Proa Comunicación will again participate in the Hands 2018 charity auction for the Emalaikat Foundation, an NGO dedicated to the creation and development of sustainable water resources in Africa. The auction will be held on December 4th in Madrid (Casa Club C/Pinar 17), and the entire proceeds will go to the Foundation for the development of water resources in Turkana (Kenya).

This solidarity event will bring together designers, artists and prestigious firms, outstanding professionals and wonderful people, benefactors of this event, who join every year, responding to the call of Ana López de Letona to, in her words, to bring «drops of life and hope to many people in Africa.”

The HANDS Charity Auction is a solidarity action that seeks to inform, raise awareness and sensitize society about the evolution of the situation in Kenya and Ethiopia. HANDS is also an exceptional opportunity to get to know first-hand the work carried out by the missionaries of the Community of Saint Paul the Apostle and the Emalaikat Foundation in Africa, where they have built, together with the local communities, more than 74 rafts and 83 rock dams, as well as promoting numerous actions for access to drinking water and basic sanitation.

If you want to attend the HANDS 2018 Charity Auction, or want to collaborate by sending a gift for the raffle or auction, just send an email to