PROA Comunicación has developed the online shop of the Marqués del Atrio Group, a winery group from La Rioja owned by the Rivero family. Thanks to this development, completed in less than a week, the group’s corporate website allows them to sell their wines directly to all consumers. Thus, the wines of Bodegas Marqués del Atrio and Bodegas Faustino Rivero Ulecia, which comprise up to five different wine regions, can be purchased worldwide by accessing

Chema Belsué and Álvaro Ramos, in charge of the digital communication and web development team of PROA Comunicación, have developed the technical and visual part of the store, allowing the ecommerce users to configure the wine cases allowing to combine types, brands, regions, maturation, etc. «With the development we wanted to differentiate ourselves by offering the users the possibility to personalize the orders to the maximum according to their preferences», highlights Chema Belsué, web developer of PROA Comunicación.

In addition to the ability to customize orders, the store’s landing offers a number of recommendations to provide users with iconic group packs. «Although users value personalization, there is also a segment that has digitized their consumption habits as a result of this situation», says Álvaro Ramos, consultant of PROA Comunicación, who adds that «for this profile it was also important to maintain the possibility of the traditional ecommerce of wine sales that offer pre-made packs and recommendations of the winery group».

In addition to the multi-award winning Marqués del Atrio Crianza and Faustino Rivero Ulecia Crianza, which represent two of the most iconic references from their respective wineries, wines such as the Marqués del Atrio Edición Limitada 2016, a wine aged and stored in the cellar of which less than 30,000 bottles were bottled, or the Finca el Rubio, made up of 9,999 bottles of tradition, feeling and, above all, roots, stand out.

Among the more than 40 wines which the group has made available to consumers in its new online shop, the popular single-variety wines of Faustino Rivero Ulecia also stand out, which renewed their image in 2019 with new Burgundy-style bottles. Precisely, a burgundy style that at the beginning of this 2020 was homogenising the entire DOCa Rioja range of Faustino Rivero Ulecia in homage to the brand’s 50th anniversary.

After the new branding strategy -developed by PROA Communication- that the winery group experienced in 2019, the new corporate website needed a specific space to sell the wines. «We have always been firm promoters of online sales», states Jorge Rivero, the fifth generation of the Marqués del Atrio Group, who added that «home consumption is becoming very important at this stage, and we wanted to offer consumers a new alternative».

Chema Belsué & Álvaro Ramos

Consultants of the Digital Communication and Web Development team of PROA Comunicación