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Desde estrategias innovadoras hasta soluciones prácticas, nuestro objetivo es proporcionarte las herramientas y el entendimiento para superar cualquier obstáculo en el camino hacia el éxito en comunicación.

The Evil of the Narcissist

Narcissistic personality disorder has some of the following traits: chameleon-like character and verbiage, and a vacuum that is plugged by the cultivation of the image. The narcissist is interested in power, -the rest does not count-, he is amoral, vain, envious, with strategic empathy, demanding of others and extraordinarily tolerant of their traps. A calculator, he works to dirty the image of others, associating himself only with those who favor him. Cheater and vindictive. Manipulator giving or receiving, because in truth he neither gives nor receives. Authoritarian and cowardly because he cannot show his face or admit his own mistakes. Sympathetic if it suits him. With removable values. He usually achieves his goals of command and power because he has no morals to value the corpses he leaves on the road. He has the power to paralyze the minds of others, as well as his morals, and his courage. That is why they can become magnificent dictators. Exhibitionists do not tolerate that someone is above them, they lack the capacity to recognize the courage, the authority, the science of others. They spontaneously sit in the presidency until the usher warns them.

He does not recognize anyone’s worth, because he instinctively views his fellow men by their ability to follow him, even when he is about to commit massacres. In ordinary life he does not value anyone because he believes he is above everyone else and has to cover this contempt with flattery and false valuations. Perhaps the serious point is that he does not know who he really is, he has no depth; life is a mirror in which to adorn himself.  He does not set limits, he can embark on any task, even if he has no background in it. Because they tend to be good imitators, counterfeiters, and play any role. Some may be good imitators. Their words are an instrument such as seduction, lying or imposture.

Sanchez said he was leaving politics because with his resignation he wanted to give a sense of truthfulness to the word, and a sense of commitment that goes beyond personal convenience. His partner was also clear when speaking to «the group of politicians who live in Somosaguas, in chalets where they do not take public transport.» In September 2015, Pablo Iglesias spoke to Ana Rosa about opening the doors of his 60 square meter home as soemthing «bien a gustito,» or tasteful. Before, in 2012, she wrote on Twitter: «Would you deliver the economic policy of the country on which 600,000 euros are spent in a luxury penthouse?», in reference to the then Minister of Economy, Luis De Guindos. And he added, responding to a Twitter-like question: «For economic policy to be led by a millionaire is like handing over the Ministry of the Environment to a pyromaniac». So, would it be prudent to take this new millionaire away from the cash register?

«Resentment and envy are always present in any society and especially in some philosophies. The right, extreme or not, believes in the effectiveness of tacit or explicit pacts that put an end to civil wars. The left despises them and, if it ever seems to admit them, it does so out of tactical considerations. But it only trusts in the continuity of the class war under the pretense of peace or truces» (Jon Juaristi, in El Cultural, 22-11-2019).

The Transition has been a truce for them. It is necessary to reclaim the Republic and the disunion of Spain. With the help of the vigilant and progressive left now embedded in Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia, they want to impose it on the Spanish.

It would be truly progressive to stop manipulating and attending to some emergencies and to produce figures that show us health expenditure, which costs us now and will cost us later. It is unimaginable that a third of the deaths that occur in Spain are related to avoidable risk factors: 67,000 are due to smoking, 52,000 are linked to poor nutrition, 32,000 to alcohol consumption and 95,000 to little physical activity. Not counting the teenagers’ addictions to botellón (public drinking) and new technologies. It would be very progressive to face these issues once and for all and stop dividing ourselves and using our votes to accelerate Spain into becoming, even more, a State in demolition.

And the Science?

And the progress? The lack of adaptation between the places offered to train new doctors, the shortage of specialists, a technology with a lack of updating and the real needs that there will be in doctors’ futures…

Another one. Climate change. This year Red Eléctrica did not authorised dozens of solar energy installations requested, with various arguments, to cover up the deficiencies of its networks and spend money on extending them. It has been spent on purchases abroad. Are you interested in eliminating pollution? It is run by progressives. Science in Spain is ill. Very sick. It has been for many years, and although its illness has a cure, it has not been given a good destiny from these progressive proposals!

Is it because of the economic cost? Do you need more public funding injected into it? Of course, the injection of money from public administration would be an incentive. But not the solution. The biggest problem we face, on a scientific level, is the lack of a symbiotic relationship that connects the academic world to the business world and real day-to-day needs benefiting both parties. It would help to develop the solutions that the company needs and, at the same time, to undertake new parallels of research.

The vast majority of these positions are accessed by a mechanism totally obsolete in science, as is that of the oppositions. Half of our researchers have anxiety and depression.

In short, let them do away with the regrettable ideological intoxication that distances us from the real problems of our tiny society, inserted in a gigantic world complexity, and which they do not deal with in their progressive revolution. Meanwhile, they negotiate with Spain’s enemies to seize power and follow their personal advancement while leading the way back to the republics. Instead of unifying us for the complex present and future, with enough threats to force us to work together, the lead with backward step necessary for them to deactivate reason and reactivate the primitive mind. The mind with which we vote. Citizens vote for those with whom they identify, representatives equal to their way of being and seeing.

José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena 
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis. Specialist in management training, group and couple therapies.



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