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Desde estrategias innovadoras hasta soluciones prácticas, nuestro objetivo es proporcionarte las herramientas y el entendimiento para superar cualquier obstáculo en el camino hacia el éxito en comunicación.

What We Are

Consider that the moral garbage that we are inundated by (for example, on television) is affecting our genes and we do not defend ourselves from the moment that those who break with their programs, a structure of millennia, with lightness that gives them lack of morals, crammed with rights to leave society battered, the right to information. In a neighborhood in Madrid those who, due to our nonsense, mental laziness and hidden feeling of guilt, are called squatters patrol the street. When they detect a funeral or a family member goes to the hospital, they enter and occupy their flat. They steal the property, raid the house and cause damages, and they cannot be evicted or charged directly as thieves or with robbery or violence. Water drips from the floor above where these squatters protected by our laws live. The family reports it and nothing happens, insurance cannot take care of it, and so it has been for half a year. If you want, I can give you that family’s phone number so they can tell you directly.

The fair thing would be to study the causes that create these groups, to which we must add the violent of all kinds, those who set fires, those who cheat, how they developed, what happened in their early years, what is their family like, how they have evolved to live in such a strange way, so we could help them. Probably, these beings did not have the right family. But it is the same, they are not investigated. If the causes of the behavior of thieves, fanatics, violent, those who commit crimes against women and others were investigated, surely something effective could be done to help them in the best way.

If the home works properly – says J.M. Fuster-, “we will have a happy, safe and confident child; if not, the child will show tendencies of anxiety, insecurity and suspicion. Ethical values, in particular trust and responsibility, grow on a basis of elementary affections and instincts.” These are claims of a brain scientist, J.M. Fuster – not even of a psychiatrist or psychologist. They are the basis for ideological people who want to change society and leave behind the nonsense of past centuries. We have up to ten years to influence child development of emotions, ethics and general intelligence to get ahead in life. After that we learn in a moderate way, because we have to add the ideas we gain from partners that can change family values.

Some eggs have been subjected to noise and stressors during the incubation, if the eggs being rolled between those factors are placed next to others not stressed to end their incubation, they will transmit the sensation of danger through vibrations in the shell and both will run for shelter at birth. They will leave their shells with fear, have built a basic image of what awaits them, and will develop less. Stress partially blocks growth hormones. We can say that it is equivalent to human fetal life and stressed mothers. However, it would be very frivolous to continue to deny these things as a society.

Without love and care, which are present in many of the above-mentioned families, although it may seem otherwise from the outside, it is evident that there cannot be much ethics, no empathy and a sense of poverty. There is a sense that we owe them and are the cause of their deviations. Aggressive attitudes towards those who do not understand, to the normal ones, and inability to make a life of continuous improvement.

We cannot think that, if one member is declared heir in a family, the others will not feel excluded, less valued. You cannot «cure» this failure of the ungrateful, because it is not spoken about in family. This «injustice» will be intolerable and will be projected on Spain. I exclude because I have been excluded, I attack because I have been attacked. Non-heirs’ lack of valuation can create in them a compensatory mechanism of overvaluation of themselves and a need to rebuild their identity with exaggeration, those frustrated by their families now create another family that gives collective identity. Likewise, we self-consciously use English to excel and be up to date. Inferiority complexes lead to many compensatory symptoms.

Like the chicks alluded to, a stressful pregnancy and limited family given body and soul to the children, the subject may become blind to common values, because from his emotional point of view, that was not a family. Brain scientists claim that politics does not take biology into account. However, we are all victims of that. Science changes, they continue with their rattle. A politician accuses another that he does not have a country project. If this gentleman had to design the business plan of a multinational or a large company for the next five years, he would tie himself to the machos before doing so. Would he entrust the business plan to a political group that designs something infinitely complex, like Spain, with a history of five hundred years and its many vicissitudes? I would need help from the other parties and some scholars. We will never see something like that, and we do not perceive omnipotence that doesn’t come with making State Pacts, impossible between those of “moral superiority” and the others who cannot comprehend it.

Superior to other creatures 

95% of the brain is subcortical, the subconscious. The subconscious is part of the study of neuroscience and current neurology, as well as psychology. The millions of data points that handle all 295 of these zones, we cannot see or measure them. We have no measure to assess our insufficiencies, how limited military means to a political party, and let’s not say if we try to understand society with theories from a hundred years ago. One of these supporters has spent the summer reading Antonio Gramsci who was born at the end of the nineteenth century and, with that baggage, wants to conquer our minds in the next elections; and, if he can, he’ll try social engineering from the scientific and anthropological superiority of that author.

We believe ourselves to be superior to the rest of the creatures, but if it is about solving problems, executing tasks, having memory, analyzing the environment, communicating through molecular signals, organizing group tasks etc., bacteria already do that excellently. We owe them that monumental molecular baggage. Another measure is our ability to write, paint, create culture that excites us, build or destroy us, rectify, recognize our mistakes, ask for collaboration and respect (I already dealt with these issues a few years ago in a book «The Mind of the Creators»).

Those enlightened arrogant people who want to change society should explain why based on science, for what reasons, and with what knowledge of life on earth they have. They wanted to suppress the processions of Holy Week, a tradition of five hundred years in Seville. They know more than all those hundreds of years of coexistence and brotherhood. After the «experiments for the new man,» how have the Russians, East Germans, Cambodians, Chinese and Cubans changed through communism? It is inexplicable that they continue to insist on applying these models of change. The human and for reasons of the structure of his brain is able to believe anything, and always looking to the future with messianic expectations that some ideologists take advantage of.

Except for high culture, wars and attacks on humans, the destruction of values, traditions, habits to replace them with a new religion in which we worship humans – nothing supernatural – in everything else we are like the rest of the beings that colonize the earth. In North Korea they have succeeded, they have a living god.

Grossman: «They have managed to distort the entire reality, replacing a certain world of customs and values with a religion based on the will of the Party (…) incarnation of the scientific truth of a monolithic party.» That being said, this results in the creation of monsters of success when it activates in the mind the messianic expectations: «The planetary revolution.»



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