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Desde estrategias innovadoras hasta soluciones prácticas, nuestro objetivo es proporcionarte las herramientas y el entendimiento para superar cualquier obstáculo en el camino hacia el éxito en comunicación.

Not Anything Goes

Imposters who impersonate the identity of other people, politicians who lie continuously without any shame, CEOs, executives and employees who do the unthinkable to maintain their positions at whatever cost and thinking only of their own interests and not of those of their teams and their companies, fake news that spreads like wildfire through social networks whose main objective is to misinform and distort public opinion … We live in an world in which our values are ever more conspicuous by their absence, which is precisely not the best example to follow for future generations. From that dust, in comes this filth.

The truth is that not everything goes to achieve our purposes. It has always been vital to nurture reputation, both in a private and business sense, since it is an indicator that measures the amount of integrity that a professional or an organization has maintained in the past and until now, but it will be of little use if one’s qualifications and competencies are not up to speed.

Recruiting is not exempt from all of the above. Résumés have been littered with little lies practically ever since the modern job market existed. They’ve been embellished either by awarding university degrees or postgraduate programs that were never completed or fulfilled, exaggerating qualifications, boasting bilingual or multilingual capabilities without any sense of modesty, listing achievements assumed as their own when in fact candidates never led them, claiming unrealistic amounts as remuneration, citing imprecise dates referring to candidates’ tenure in the company … and providing little clarity behind the reasoning when explaining professional changes. However, why do people do this? The reasons can be numerous: to impress others, by the desperation to find a job or obtain a better position when they do not meet the requirements demanded of that position, and so on.

At first we may think that inflating our résumés can helps us gain a clear advantage over other candidates. But the truth is that this can actually be what makes us not get the job, and worst of all, «that we put a cross,» something that does not work in our favor at all. It’s always good to be honest and answer the questions of the interviewer with ease and sincerity.

That is why for recruiters it is essential to contrast the information. Starting a professional interview, then reference checking and later analyzing digital fingerprint records helps to minimize the risk of making the wrong decision. Professional life is a long, far track that we must develop with vision, clear objectives, emotional balance, enthusiasm and effort.

This is the path that will lead us to achieve our goals successfully without resorting to lies that we know can’t go very far. Let’s reinvigorate the passion to learn and the appetite for education and culture, as well as a love for excellent work and its contribution to the common good and to society.

Carlos Recarte 
Founding Partner of Recarte & Fontenla.



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