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Sector Professional Services


Ontier, an international law firm with operations in 14 countries, wanted a corporate video capable of conveying its personality and essence. The lawyers at Ontier love a challenge, get very involved in their projects and devote their extensive legal training to the design and implementation of creative and imaginative solutions aimed at achieving their clients’ goals.

The Audiovisual Services Department of Proa Comunicación, led by its Creative Director, Ben Kendall, was responsible for the project’s entire conceptualisation and execution process.

The main challenge for PROA was to reflect what Ontier represents through the audiovisual medium; a law firm that offers everything its client is looking for: a legal partner for their business that will take on their problems as its own, that will look for creative solutions, that operates in 14 countries and that is always very approachable.


Following a process of immersion in the client’s environment, we suggested highlighting the human potential at the firm and underlining the creativity of its professionals. What we produced was heavily focused on the firm’s lawyers and used resources from the offices themselves to humanise the result and personalise it with Ontier employees.

The video was presented at the firm’s annual meeting of partners and seven different versions were made for each one of the countries where the firm has a presence.


The original video was targeted at Spain, but its impact was so positive that the client decided to create several versions for each of the countries where it has a presence. PROA was asked to assist again in this process in order to resume filming and produce new audiovisual material. The video boosted internal cohesion at the firm, as well as Ontier’s external position as a creative legal firm when compared with large traditional firms.



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