REINFORCE ADVISORS GROUP, a firm founded in 2009 by a group of managers with recognised experience in people management, has entrusted PROA with the development of its communication strategy.

The firm provides its services directly through a senior team that guarantees value-added advice and a practical and highly executive approach, always oriented towards the creation of value and the improvement of competitiveness. REINFORCE has the capacity to offer a service that involves the whole process; from the design of the strategy to the negotiation -individual or collective- and even to its practical execution.

In the words of Román Merino, managing partner of REINFORCE: «The firm was created to cover a business need for expert and independent advice to Top Management in situations that escape the day-to-day management of their Human Resources». «This kind of situations», says Merino, «require the external hiring of an experience that normally companies do not have internally».

REINFORCE carries out strategic and Human Resources plans in extraordinary situations: viability plans, rationalisation or cost reduction, restructuring, takeovers, mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy situations, segregation of groups or branches of activity.

REINFORCE is the first and only firm that includes among its services Trade Union Diplomacy, understood as advice to improve relations between companies, trade unions and legal representation of workers.

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