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Desde estrategias innovadoras hasta soluciones prácticas, nuestro objetivo es proporcionarte las herramientas y el entendimiento para superar cualquier obstáculo en el camino hacia el éxito en comunicación.

Wine in coronavirus times

«From the home of your favorite artists to yours,» was the announcement of #YoMeQuedoAtHomeFestival before it garnered 440,000 fans on Instagram. This initiative, devised by a music promoter and a well-known artist, managed to put the community in check (crossing the digital frontier and filling the screen with its repercussions), reaching 130,000 connected spectators. But much more than that, it generated a stream of digital activism in which other industries, companies, and even individuals began to fill minutes in our confinement agenda. A stream, or rather a torrent, that also soaked the wine industry.

The coronavirus has arrived and I have an enotourism project underway… what now?

The wine sector represents in Spain a great asset, both for our economy and for our society and culture. Wine contributes to our country brand, it is a national and international tourist attraction, it contributes to local development in a responsible and sustainable way, it is a symbol of tradition and innovation and it reflects the know-how of thousands of companies, families and wine growers from all over the country.

Faced with this situation of paralysis, as the Spanish Association of Enotourism pointed out in a press release, they have to find a solution by betting on communication. In the words of its president, José Antonio Vidal, «to stay alive we must give signs of this: if we do not communicate, nobody will know about us. In moments like these, the wine tourists are eager to know what we are working on to surprise them. […] The tool is in the digital environment. We have to work online on stimulating the charm when returning from the face to face experience: website contents, app, e-commerce, especially friendly e-mail campaigns and social networks. To do this, today more than ever websites must be adapted to a maximum quality in communication and usability: all our windows can be converted into viewpoints to the sky. Let’s never stop communicating».

In this context, where Vidal’s words couldn’t be more accurate, Bodegas Faustino Rivero Ulecia has launched an audiovisual campaign to spread knowledge about oenology and help the public interested in wine to overcome the #yomequedoencasa.

With this campaign, developed by Proa Comunicación, the winery shares with wine enthusiasts, through its Instagram channel, basic notions, oenological concepts, tricks and curiosities related to the origin and culture of wine. The characteristics that define each type of wine (white, red and rosé), what characterizes the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin, what are the differences between tasting and tasting a wine by oneself or the different phases of wine tasting.

Through this series of videos published on the IGTV profile, Bodegas Faustino Rivero Ulecia aims to approach its audience and provide valuable content with which to reinforce its brand image. In this way, and under the hashtag #learningencasa, the relationship with customers is transferred, from a close, simple and fast consumption approach, to the social channel providing an alternative of leisure at home and nourishing its wine tourism project in times of confinement.

With this type of practice, companies like Bodegas Faustino Rivero Ulecia, besides helping, legitimately spread their products and services. At the same time, they strengthen ties or approach possible buyers or users after the crisis, thus illustrating that communication has an essential task in times of crisis.



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