The VINCI Autoroutes Foundation relies on Proa Comunicación for the communication of the 5th edition of the European Barometer of Responsible Driving, which will present its results in April. As every year, the foundation carries out a large survey of European drivers from 11 countries of the European Union to review the habits of Europeans at the wheel. This barometer allows the identification of risk behaviors and good practices, thus contributing to a better orientation of prevention recommendations in each country.

Created in February 2011, the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation for responsible driving is at the same time a laboratory, an observatory and an information tool aimed at combating road safety. Its objective is to contribute to the improvement of behavior on the road and help drivers to be the actors of their own safety. Among its actions we can highlight: the realization of information campaigns to raise awareness about road risks, the financing of innovative scientific research in certain areas of dangerous driving still to be explored or poorly identified by road users and, finally, , the financing of associative and citizen initiatives in favor of responsible driving.

The 4th edition of the Barometer, presented in April 2017, left some conclusions such as the following:

The Swedes are considered by Europeans as the best drivers: 38% of them consider that they are the most responsible drivers in Europe, which agrees with their results in terms of accidents (27 deaths per million inhabitants, compared to an average of 50 in Europe) [1]. They are followed by the Germans and the Dutch, while the British appear in fourth position;
On the contrary, Italians are considered as the least responsible drivers in Europe, a sentiment shared by 27% of Europeans. They are followed by the Greeks (18%) and the Poles (16%). The French occupy the fourth position tied with the Spaniards (8%). It should be noted that these five countries place their own country at the head of the ranking of the least responsible drivers.