Why do we Use Drugs?

Dr. José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena, a specialist in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, reflects on drugs and addictions that distance human beings from their genetic programming in the second video of five made by PROA Communication.

“Our genetic programming look for simple, natural pleasures, nothing to do with what we can find in the aisles of the supermarket, nothing to do with video games, social media, or other aspects that do not represent a reward. The real reward is to be healthy, survive , live together, and be emotionally stable, mentally speaking, “he says.

‘Why do we get high?’ Intends to give us the key points to a modern and updated vision on the origin and causes of why human beings fall into infinite modalities of addictive behaviors and bonds. The work reviews and synthesizes the experience of 20 years of reflections and works on the topic, erasing misunderstandings and superficial visions. The second part is extended to give a vision of professional work with these people. His thoughts and reflections are in agreement with those who have been working on the subject for the past 90 years. José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena is a member of the International Society of Psychoanalysis, the Group Analysis in London, the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and the Institute of Psychosomatic Studies and Medical Psychotherapy.