Digital Communication Director Moderates a Debate about Technology and Inclusion

Last Friday, the Director of Digital Communication at Proa Comunicación, Bárbara Yuse, moderated a roundtable on technology and inclusion at the VI International WomanLiderTic Conference. Ana González Talaván Director of Digital Services at Microsoft also participated in the event. González Talaván presebted the case of Sandra Timón, the first deaf and blind woman that worked at her company. She also won the National Youth Award in 2019 in the Social Committment category.

González Talaván shared with Bárbara Yuste, who served as an interviewer, as the leader of a diverse and inclusive team and what it was like working with Sandra Timón everyday on her team. At the same time, she defended that any company can create a diverse team like this if it is proposed with a clear objective. But in her opinion, it is necessary that those responsible for the companies see inclusion and diversity as a business opportunity.

Proa Comunicación organized the III National Winter Sports Awards

For the third year in a row, Proa Comunicación helped to organize the National Snow Sports Awards. Presented by Madrid SnowZone and the RFEDI-Spainsnow, the third edition of this event took place last Friday November 15 in Madrid’s newly renovated indoor skiing area. Athletes and organizations came together to award the best of the season in one of the most important national events for winter sports. The awards were created three years ago to pay homage to winter sports and their members: athletes of today and always, ski areas, federations, clubs, organizations, brands, specialized press, etc.

During the awards ceremony, the skier Blanca Fernández Ochoa was honored by a namesake award, the Blanca Fernández Ochoa Award – Women and Snow, that is given to the most distinguished person or organization promoting the role of women in snow sports. Her siblings, Lola Fernández Ochoa and Juan Manuel Fernández Ochoa, received the award given by May Peus, president of the RFEDI, and Paula Fernández Ochoa, her niece and head of Women and Sports in the Federation.

The magnitude of the Fernández Ochoa family was also remembered after the Paquito Fernández Ochoa prize was awarded to Juan del Campo for being the best male athlete of the 2018/2019 season. His qualification in the Top 30 of the Slalom at Schladming World Cup and in the Top 2 in the World Cup in Are (Sweden) helped the committee decide to grant him the award.

Additionally, the 29 Spanish athletes who have participated in 14 editions of the Winter Olympic Games were honored during the awards ceremony. 14 of them could come to the event that crowned Queralt Castellet as the best female athlete of the 2018/19 season with the María José Rienda prize, delivered personally by the president of the CSD.

After the presentation of the III National Snow Sports Awards, a show divided into four parts took place on the track. The main focus of this demonstration was a tribute to women’s participation in the Winter Olympic Games, with special attention to the bronze medal won by Blanca Fernández Ochoa in the 1992 Albertville Slalom.

New Category: SNOWZONE Award ‘Snow4all’

As a new feature, in this edition a tenth award was added, the SNOWZONE Award ‘Snow4all’, which will be awarded each year to the person or organization that has been most distinguished in the promotion of inclusive snow sports. Jon Santacana and Miguel Galindo, silver medal in the Supercombined event of the Paralympic Games in PyeongChang 2018, were the first winners of this recognition.

As an exception to the athletes who were honored, two medals were awarded to Lluís Breitfuss the COE badge in recognition of his work as sports director of the RFEDI during the 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang, and Lucía Hoyo was awarded the RFEDI sports merit medal for her 25 years at the federation.

The panel of judges that evaluated the candidatures and decided the winners (in awards not linked to the world ranking) was made up of various representatives of the sector: María José Rienda, President of the National Sports Council; Alejandro Blanco, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee. May Peus, President of RFEDI; Jesús Ibáñez, President of ATUDEM; Javier Villar, Director of Madrid SnowZone; Fernando Ruiz, Director of Eurosport; Lola Fernández Ochoa, Olympic skier; Jordi Font, snowboarder Olympic Diploma and Carolina Ruiz, Olympic skier.

The company FOREO, a Swedish brand of beauty tech that is on sale at El Corte Inglés, was one of the sponsors of the III National Snow Sports Awards for the second consecutive year. Along with RS Roslain Sport who created the official watch of the RFEDI.

Complete List of Award Recipients

  • Paquito Fernández Ochoa Award, the best male athlete of the 2018/2019 season according to the world ranking:

Juan del Campo, due to his great performance in the 2018-19 season; he managed to qualify in the Top 30 of the Schladming World Cup Slalom and in the Top 27 of the Are World Cup (Sweden).

  • María José Rienda Award, the best female athlete of the 2018/19 season according to the world ranking.

Queralt Castellet, for 2nd place for her circuit in the World Cup Half-pipe, 1st place Half-pipe in the Calgary World Cup, 2nd place Half-pipe in the World Cup in Laax (Switzerland), 2nd place Half-pipe in the X-Games in Aspen (USA), 3rd place Half-pipe in the Dew tour in Copper Mountain Resort (USA) and 4th place Half-pipe in the World Championship in Park City (USA).

  • Carolina Ruiz Award, the most promising athlete of the 2018/19 season.

Albert Ortega, for his exponential improvement in the world ranking in all categories, being in the Top 20 of his age, among the youngest in the world. Top 25 in all Alpine events in the World Junior 2019.

  • Blanca Fernández Ochoa Award – Women and Snow, to the most distinguished person or entity in promoting the role of women in snow 2018/19.

Blanca Fernández Ochoa, first woman to win an Olympic medal, bronze in Albertville 92, for Spain and contribute to the development and promotion of Alpine Skiing in our country.

  • ATUDEM Award, to the mountain resort with the greatest sporting involvement in the 2018/19 season.

Baqueira Beret, for organizing the Snowboard Cross World Cup in March 2019.

  • Israel Planas Award, to the best coach of the 2018/19 season.

Josep Gil, Freestyle coach, for helping place his 2 athletes among the best in the international freestyle rankings and their participation in World Cups in the 2018-19 season.

  • Snow Sports Communication Award, for their support of snow sports communication in the 2018/19 season.

Paco Grande, for his Vintage Connection of Paco Fdez-Ochoa and Blanca Fdez-Ochoa and for all his journalistic career.

  • SNOW INDUSTRY Award, to the company with the greatest involvement in promoting snow sports in the 2018/2019 season.

AC-Hotels, for their support of winter sports for more than 5 seasons and especially in 2018-19.

  • SPAINSNOW Award, to the club or FFAA with the greatest performance in the 2018/19 season.

Federación Vasca Deportes Invierno, for being the only Autonomous Federation to have athletes in all the Absolute World Championships in 2019, AL, FO and SB.

  • SNOWZONE Award ‘Snow4all’, to the person or entity that has most distinguished itself in the promotion of inclusive snow sports 2018/19.

Jon Santacana y Miguel Galindo, for their promotion in inclusive sport and for their entire professional careers.

Proa Communicación’s Digital Director Moderates a Roundtable on Cybersecurity and Robots

Bárbara Yuste, director of digital communication at Proa Comunicación, participated in a roundtable last Friday, November 15, about “New Professional Profiles” organized by the Spanish Digital Foundation. This roundtable was part of the Digital Employment Forum that took place at La Nave in Madrid. During the debate, Fernando Davara, president of the Spanish Digital Foundation, Roberto Menéndez, CEO of Grupo ADD, and Pablo San Emeterio, from Telefónica, tackled questions like cybersecurity’s current challenges and who can help solve them, as well as the issues of AI and robots.

The most in demand professional profiles or if robots will replace humans in certain tasks, especially those that are mechanical, were two of the topics that brought out the most opinions of attendees.

Successful Organization and Media Presence at the Marqués del Atrio Event with Palop and Juanito in Seville

Proa Comunicación had great success organizing and inviting media to the Bodegas Marqués del Atrio event that took place a few days ago in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville). Palop and Juanito, former football players from Sevilla and Real Betis respectively, participated in the commentary of a derby between two Sevillian teams last Sunday November 10th. The two former players were moderated Inma Rodríguez, a journalist for Movistar Plus.

The event, which aroused much interest among journalists in the Andalusian capital, was attended by more than ten sports media, including Marca or Gol Televisión, in addition to Canal Sur TV and other regional and local media.

Proa Comunicación organizes the I National Congress of Resilience

Proa Comunicación organized the I Congreso Nacional de Resiliencia (First National Resilience Conference) that will take place November 14 at the Fundación Areces in Madrid. It will last for two days and was launched by the Spanish Institute of Resilience (IER), an organization whose mission is to promote resilience in individuals.

The first day of this conference takes place in person. It will mainly focus on the scientific contributions and some conceptual considerations, as well as personal experiences that serve as examples and that have been previously evaluated by the jury of the Resilience Award. On the other hand, the second day, which will take place online, will search through videos and communications to expose some of the most important resilient projects. This online modality will allow anyone who is interested to participate but cannot travel to participate.

To access the full program of speakers and round tables follow this link.

Proa Comunicación Participates in the Woman Forwards Awards Gala

Lucía Casanueva, founding partner at Proa Comunicación, delivered one of the Woman Forward Awards to Theresa Zabell, who was recognized for “Corporate Governance and Gender Diversity.” The event, held this Monday at the Italian Embassy, was organized by the Woman Forward Foundation, an institution that works to help create value in organizations by promoting female talent through research.

Theresa Zabell, the only Spanish woman with two Olympic gold medals and recognized as the best female sailor in the world by the International Federation, has been recognized with this award for her commitment to converting her athletic values such as strive, sacrifice, and perseverance to her life and her foundation, ECOMAR, which promotes a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle for younger generations.

The other 13 award recipients for creating value through gender diversity in the business and institutional world were the Italian Government, the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement, Mahou-San Miguel, Red Eléctrica, ESADE, SEK Educational Institute, María Wandosell, Mediaset, the Atlético de Madrid, Eva Levy, Pilar Gómez-Acebo, CEOE, and the European Parliament.

The awards ceremony saw many attendees from the business, economic, and political spheres of Madrid.

Successful Organization of the XIV Jornadas Científicas de la Fundación Alicia Koplowitz

Proa Comunicación has once again successfully organized the XIV Scientific Conference of the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation held on October 24 and 25 at Mutua Madrileña. Conference attendance as well as media coverage has been even more excellent this edition. During the last day, Alicia Koplowitz, president of the foundation, a total amount of 400,000 euros in aid to eight research projects concerning children and adolescents’ psychiatry and neurosciences and neuropediatrics.

In this year’s edition, 74 research projects opted for grants, of which 42 were from Psychiatry, 21 from Neurosciences and 11 from Neuropediatrics. Three External Evaluation Courts were responsible for examining them and making the selection. The Research Aid is aimed at teams that develop their work in hospitals, universities or Spanish research centers, in collaboration or without national or foreign teams. As an essential requirement, there must be a Spanish principal researcher linked to one of these centers during the two years of the project’s duration, who will be the sole recipient of the grant.

Crisis Managment, a Debate in Proa Comuncación’s Next Observatory

On March 11, 2004, Spain suffered its most savage attack in its history. Terrorists chose Madrid to make an example out of for their political gain, and the Madrid Emergency Center 112 was responsible for managing the crisis.

On November 8, Proa Communication’s next Observatory ‘Public Emergencies: Prevention and Planning Lessons for Professionals and Managers’ will take place at the Club Financiero Génova. During the event, Raimundo Herráiz, manager of the 112 Service in Madrid between 2001 and 2007, will analyze how emergency services were managed during the 11M crisis, alongside Yago de la Cierva, Proa crisis communication director. They will discuss and present solutions related to this case applicable to the business environment.

The event will also involve the general secretary of the Excellence in Management Club, Ignacio Babé, a group collaborating with Proa Comunicación to hold this discussion.

Top Comunicación echoes Olga Cuenca’s Speech at Deusto’s Leadership Lunch

Top Comunicación, the leading portal in the communication sector, featured a speech from Olga Cuenca, former president of Llorente and Cuenca, at the Leadership Lunch organized by Proa Comunicación in the Deusto Business School. In her speech she spoke about her career path.

“The secret to success is to work hard, learn constantly and work with others, do not lock yourself into something, negotiate, share different points of view,” summarized Olga Cuenca during the event held on October 21. Now she works as an artist under the pseudonym Ty Trias and advises in several companies. She said this in response to a question from one of the executives, after summarizing his professional career. The event was presented by Iñaki Ortega, director of Deusto Business School in Madrid, and Lucía Casanueva, managing partner of Proa Communication with Valvanuz Serna.

If you would like to read the original story, follow this link.

Proa Comunicación Sponsers the “Corporate Governence and Gender Diveristy” Awards

Proa Comunicación is sponsoring the “Corporate governance and gender diversity” awards organized by the Women Forward Foundation and will take place October 28th, from 19 to 23 hours, at the Italian Embassy. The awards were created to distinguish the companies and institutions that have integrated an exceptional level of gender diversity into their corporate governance.

The ceremony will feature Stefano Sannino, the Italian Ambassador, and Carmelo Angulo, the Spanish Ambassador and representative from the foundation’s Think Tank. They will hand out 14 awards from seven categories including:

  1. Distinction to the government or institution that has improved corporate governance following the approval of a regulation or its performance related to gender diversity
  2. Distinguished companies
  3. Educational institutions
  4. Media and Communication
  5. Sports organizations
  6. The managerial career best suited to good governance and gender diversity
  7. Associations, Foundations and Institutions