Análisis de la comunicación: insights y soluciones desde PROA


Desde estrategias innovadoras hasta soluciones prácticas, nuestro objetivo es proporcionarte las herramientas y el entendimiento para superar cualquier obstáculo en el camino hacia el éxito en comunicación.

Politics, an Auction

All living beings are still here because very soon, from their early stages as unicellular had to learn to distinguish the good from the bad. In human beings this biological archaism is also transferred to their mind and if education, training and other characteristics that make it human are not developed it does not discriminate, qualify and decide good or bad by distorting what it perceives. It is an explanation of why we take drugs, a subject that prompted me to write a book some time ago. It was a vital necessity, but given its origin as survival is usually taken from the largely unconscious primitive emotions, from the dissociation of the personality with which you preach a thing and do the opposite. We value the virtuous, but we lift up the predator. We preach, but we do not get to the point.

All this makes sense to a psychopath who attacks, but first creates divides to weaken civil society, to take away power, to question the institutions that hinder their demolition projects: the monarchy, teaching, religion, national reconciliation that gave rise to the Constitution that we have. The silly democracies, as Fidel Castro defined them and Chaves and the rest that remain alive. Attacking democracy by speaking its language. They condemn the extreme right and settle with the extreme left, and with all those who attack our unity. «Now Spain» but now pact with the anti-Spain.

«The discredit of the leaders has also brought back into public view the current political class’s weak agenda. A good part of the representatives and senators have never worked outside politics. That is to say, they are neither socially nor laborally representative of Spanish society», says Joaquín Leguina.

Antipathy and Division

Psychiatrists can know what a manipulative, contradictory, non-empathic psychopath or narcissist is. Even though he fakes it, he uses hatred because it unites many resentful people for different reasons. But such a character is interested in power, money and uses the collective soul to awaken hatred. He uses social division as a weapon to conquer and perpetuate it. They are already divided, and those who are against me have already lost strength. Here and in all the nations, characters with these characteristics are activating the wild, unconscious power of the human animal giving free expression in incendiary protests in different parts of our world.

In this way, they manipulate social groups by provoking antipathy, division instead of belonging to a Nation for all, breaking the continuity in which we were living. The same or similar can be said of almost all Western regimes. In the elections and in Spain they have also used war techniques pointing out, slandering the » enemy «, provocation, transgression, seeking clashes with those within the cordon sanitaire through incoherent struggles. It is not that they say, publish and assert something and the next day the opposite is that it is a matter of creating instability and impotence in the citizen, it is their political tactic here and in other nations.

Their word is worthless because behind what they say is another hidden intention, a characteristic of psychopaths; we have lost confidence in politics, in politicians, and incidentally we doubt the institutions. «Leaders of the parties as authentic satraps who have made the exchange of positions and the discrepancy disappear.»

With its populist agendas, which in no case are the fruit of empathy, if not a tactic to replace what religions have already offered for centuries, helping the underprivileged. In wanting to eliminate them, they keep that role, but as a niche of voters professing the faith of the coal miner and communion with mill wheels. It is like saying that they are breaking the distinction between the true and the false, as Cervantes demonstrated to us eternally in Don Quixote, that ideologue of the laws of chivalry. Capital had not yet been written, nor had Hitler’s «Mein Kampf», his Gospel. Ideologues have a problematic relationship with reality when they look at it, be it political, economic or social. They demonstrate it by creating distrust and uncertainty because their word lacks value, their speech, their promise, is replaced by another one overnight attacking the intelligence of the citizens they despise.

The Mind of Schizoids

I believe that in many nations immature people are being chosen as leaders, as managers, who, as I have said, are narcissists, arrogant, with almost all the traits of a psychopath, who has no other values than their own progress. With their immature, insane personality, their schizophrenic mind between the good ones and the cordon sanitaire; they activate our brain that in itself is already beginning to look for culprits on the outside, with basic categories and thick strokes needed to locate the evil. And they come out victorious because they have teams that transform them into something that coincides with the primitive mind stimulated by their marketing knowledge and unscrupulous advisors like them. These subjects manipulate, reactivate this whole schizoid mind of ours. We would say that the political struggle they sustain is a toxic of great power for the mind. Intoxicated minds vote with their noses covered and blindfolded. Because their political struggle, their behavior and their way of entangling, distorting, lying, is undermining health, thought, reflection and the freedom to think at the plantarian level. We are giving power, or they are taking it, to people capable of destabilizing collective mental health. Their ultimate aim is absolute power without opposition and democracy hinders them with its separation of powers, the institutions, the army as it is, which must also be an assembly, private property and those who have made a fortune with their work. Envy is an engine of great power to activate predatory instincts of these characters who want everything.

That is why they have turned politics into an auction, in which Spain is sold in portions and those who want to destroy it brazenly bid. A bid for money and perks sold as progress, as a progressive union. At last we have «The first progressive government of democracy». There is no need for a platform, no need to explain anything, no need to understand what that statement means, it is silly, it is exposed to the gullible. Questioning it may be fascist. But the pure and hard truth is that these people who vote or who install themselves in power given our democratic ingenuity, are representatives of citizens who, like them, have their own instincts, their own ideological values, their vision of everything for themselves and things must be very basic because it is what is best digested mentally. You and I vote with the one we identify with, who looks like us. Tell me who you’re hanging out with and I’ll tell you who you really are!

There’s no point in criticizing politicians or their voters. For the rest, what can be expected of citizens suckled by television, addicted to telephones, with a History fabricated to perpetuate division, leaving aside culture, art, science and values. But with football, influencers and social networks. With the Spanish language spoken by male chauvinists in Catalonia and Andalusia without being able to climb a podium with the Spanish flag. It’ s like having no leader.

José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena 
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis



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