Bárbara Yuste, Digital Communication Director of Proa Comunicación, recognized among 100 Women with Communicative Talent

Bárbara Yuste, directora del Área de Comunicación de Proa Comunicación, ha sido elegida una de las 100 profesionales de la comunicación con talento para comunicar en el décimo aniversario de Perspectivas Wellcomm de la Comunicación, una publicación de referencia en el sector, que a lo largo de sus diez años de trayectoria ha contado con la participación de referentes comunicativas de diferentes ámbitos, entre otras razones porque, como se destaca en la web de Perspectivas, “en el mundo de la comunicación las mujeres somos mayoría”.

Bárbara Yuste, Communication Director of Proa Comunicación, has been chosen among one of the 100 communication professionals with talent to communicate on the tenth anniversary of the Wellcomm Perspectives of Communication, a publication of reference in the sector which throughout its ten years of existence has had the participation of notable communicators from different areas, among other reasons because, as highlighted in the Perspectives website, “in the world of communication women are the majority.”


This is according to the Gerdercom study conducted by the Association of Directors of Communication (Dircom), presented in December 2018 which states that the communication sector in Spain is characterized by a majority presence of women (56% compared to 44% of men) , although the glass ceiling remains (only 56% occupy managerial positions) and the salary gap (almost 12% of women executives earn less than their male counterparts). At any rate, the editions of Wellcomm Perspectives have always been marked with balanced participation between women and men.

The senior consultant of Proa Comunicación participated previously in the 2012 edition of the Wellcomm Perspectives of Communication with an article on “The Power of Social Networks in the University Sphere” (access to the complete document).

Rafael Villaseca, former CEO of Gas Natural, will participate in the next PROA Comunicación Observatory

Rafael Villaseca, President of the Naturgy Foundation and former CEO of Gas Natural, will participate in a new edition of the PROA Communication Observatory titled ‘What Happens in the Spanish Electricity Sector‘. The Observatory will be held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 09:00 AM at the Boston Consulting Group offices in Madrid (c / Alcalá 95).

Rafael Villaseca is an industrial engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and has an MBA IESE. He was the CEO of Gas Natural Fenosa for thirteen years. He currently chairs the Naturgy Foundation (formerly Gas Natural Fenosa), serves as a director of Cementos Molins and VidaCaixa and is also a member of the Consultative Council of Foment del Treball Nacional and also member of the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome.

Among his recognitions, he received the 2010 Best CEO of the Year award by Platts Global Energy Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the energy sector, which was awarded to him in New York. This award, which recognizes the professional career and the most recent achievements of its recipient, puts value on strategic vision, decision making and leadership, as well as the demonstration of clear vision, judgment and sufficient motivation by managers to pioneer transformation within their respective organizations.

The Observatory PROA Communication is conceived as a forum to welcome distinguished personalities of Spanish public life: politicians, businessmen, social leaders and respected intellectuals, among relevant figures in the entire country

The Observatory was born as an open meeting space, in which genuine, original and intellectual dialogue and discourse are fostered, a place to go to share ideas, not as a platform for scripted talking points and arguments akin to clichés.

Proa Comunicación’s Campaign for Madrid SnowZone, Recognized Among the Best of 2018

Top Comunicación has recognized the marketing communications campaign of the 2nd National Winter Sports Awards, carried out by Proa Comunicación, as one of the best of the year. Marked in the category of Culture and Entertainment, the campaign was developed during the months of September, October and November of 2018, achieving media coverage valued at more than 100,000 euros.

The proposed strategy to achieve this objective was developed around two fundamental aspects. The first was the relevance of the winners and the second was the need to strengthen the brand and promote winter sports.

Campaign Implementation

  • Campaña de notoriedad entre los clubes, las estaciones y las distintas federaciones autonómicas con el objetivo de sumar participaciones en los premios. Mediante acciones específicas de comunicación institucional, la campaña fue dirigida a estos públicos con el objetivo de lograr un número mayor de candidaturas respecto a la primera edición de los premios.
  • Publicity campaign carried out in sports clubs, ski resorts and between different regional federations with the aim of maximizing participation in the upcoming contest. Through specific actions of institutional communication, the campaign was directed to these audiences with the aim of garnering a larger number of candidates with respect to the first edition of the awards.
  • Institutional campaign, due to which María José Rienda (first woman to chair the High Council of Sports) and representatives of the Spanish Olympic Committee attended the event.
  • Creación del storytelling del evento, que en 2018 adquiría especial notoriedad por la medalla olímpica lograda por Regino Hernández en los JJOO de Invierno de Pyeongchang. Por este motivo, el evento centró el foco en dos momentos especialmente emotivos: El show homenaje en pista (retransmitido por RTVE) en el que se emulaban los descensos en slalom y esquí alipino de Paquito Fernández Ochoa y Blanca Fernández Ochoa, y el del propio Regino en snowboard, homenajeando así a las tres medallas olímpicas de España.

Esta campaña es la segunda premiada de Proa Comunicación tras la realizada para Degussa, que ha conseguido duplicar el número de visitas y de ventas al establecimiento, así como las ventas por internet de la compañía.

This campaign Proa Comunicación second recognized and awarded campaign after the one designed and implemented for Degussa, the latter managing to double the number of visits and sales to the establishment, as well bolstering as the company’s online sales.

Pablo de Villota, Director of Sports & Entertainment at Proa Comunicación, Contributes in an Article by Expansión

Pablo de Villota, director of Sports & Entertainment at Proa Comunicación, collaborated in the preparation of a news story by the newspaper Expansión, about the deal struck by British American Tobacco (BAT) with McLaren, joining other tobacco companies. De Villota values the noteworthy transaction, assuring that with it BAT “once again has a great position in the spotlight that will allow it to reactivate its commercial plan in the face of distributors and PR campaigns”.

De Villota also weighed in on the arrival of Sportpesa, a betting house with a strong presence in the Premier League.  De Villota noted that this company “enters a market that will allow it to differentiate itself and capitalize on its brand, achieving visibility by stepping outside of such a saturated market as football “

Read the full article here.

The GSS Group entrusts Proa Comunicación to reinforce its communication strategy

The GSS Group, a Spanish multinational leader in customer services, has entrusted Proa Comunicación to strengthen its communication strategy in Spain and Latin America.

Since its founding in 1986, the GSS Group has worked with large companies and public institutions in the Spanish and Spanish-speaking markets. Currently, in addition to its presence in Spain, it maintains presence in major Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Argentina, as well as in the United States.

GSS has a management team with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and develops integrated solutions through all contact channels. One of its main objectives is to lead, in the international arena, in offering customer management in real time in an integral and multi-channel manner based on innovative solutions.

In addition, it belongs to the Spanish Association of Customer Experience Companies (CEX), which brings together the most important companies in the Contact Center and Customer Service sectors in Spain.

Fidentiis Gestión entrusts Proa Comunicación to Develop its Communication Strategy

The independent asset manager Fidentiis Gestión SGIIC has entrusted Proa Comunicación to develop its communication strategy in Spain, with the aim of reinforcing its differential position as a manager specializing in active and flexible management, which achieves attractive and sustained returns in the long run, starting from of its own signature style of management.

Fidentiis Gestión SGIIC, founded in 2006 by Ricardo Seixas, has seven investment funds, with an AUM reaching 350 million euros. Four funds are integrated into Fidentiis Tordesillas SICAV, the investment vehicle registered in Luxembourg: Iberia Long Only, Iberia Long Short Equity, Global Strategy, and European Financial Opportunities. Three funds are registered in Spain: European Megatrends FI, Tordesillas FIL, and Spanish Banking Opportunities FIL (fund closed to new investors).

The management style of Fidentiis Gestión SGIIC is based on identifying the revaluation potential of the companies within their fund portfolios through the “Fundamental Momentum” strategy. The managers identify the assets or markets with potential from the combination of two factors: attractiveness in the fundamentals, and a favorable macro environment that provides visibility to the investment thesis.

The Fidentiis Gestión SGIIC’s managers’ objective has a patrimonial focus, with the preservation of the capital of its co-investors as a central element, applying systematic surveillance and assesment of risk to avoid the impact of market turbulence on portfolios.

Proa Comunicación Organizes the First Conference on VAT held in Spain

Proa Comunicación organized the convocation and communication of the first VAT convention held in Spain, the Madrid VAT Forum. Carried out by the office of Fernando Matesanz of Spanish VAT Services, under the title ‘The reform of the Common System of VAT – Towards a new era in intra-community VAT’, the conference brought together more than 160 lawyers specializing in Tax Law and journalists interested in learning about the implications that the changes will have on European community regulations, on February 14 at the Miguel Ángel Hotel in Madrid.

The objective of this event was to analyze and explain to a very specialized audience all the changes that the European intra-community VAT will undergo until 2021. Some modifications could be considered as part of a small ‘revolution’ with the objective of harmonizing certain aspects of the e-commerce of goods and services, fighting against fraud and proposing a definitive system of taxation at the cargo’s destination in intra-community trade.

Proa Comunicación started working on this project from the very beginning. Thus, Proa took charge of creating the landing page to make reservations, designing all corporate material, convening journalists, law firms, tax advisors, business associations, etc., managing interviews and other communication actions before and after the event, as well as preparing, disseminating and following-up on several press releases, taking photographs and videos and monitoring their impact.

The primary objective was to publicize the convocation and realization of the Madrid VAT Forum in order to attract the attendance of a specialized audience. Other objectives were to obtain the greatest possible coverage of the forum in the media and to position Fernando Matesanz as a specialist in this topic and a credible source of information on this particular tax.

The result was the attendance of more than 160 lawyers, most of them prosecutors, and the generation of more than 80 news stories and mentions in both specialized and generalist media outlets, including the publication of several interviews with the director of Spanish VAT Services, Fernando Matesanz, conducted prior to the conference. In addition, this positioned Matesanz as a credible source in various reports detailing this tax.  Additionally, several opinion articles in relation to changes specific to this taxation scheme were published in both economic and specialized media outlets, in the months prior to the conference and after it was held.

Lago Resort Menorca Confides in Proa Comunicación Once More

For another year, Lago Resort Menorca entrusts Proa Comunicación to develop its communication strategy. This hotel complex is part of the network of establishments managed by Grupo Moga, a business group with extensive experience in the hospitality hotel sector, with a presence in Valladolid, The Canaries and Menorca.

Lago Resort Menorca is a high-quality hotel complex with different types of accommodation (Hotel Casas del Lago, Villas del Lago and Bungalows del Lago) that offer adult clients excellence, comfort and experiences in a high-end maritime environment. In what will represent a new phase of expansion, the hotel management is currently working towards the opening of Lake Suites in 2020.

In addition to accommodations with maritime and Menorcan influences in its design and decor, Lago Resort Menorca offers its guests the possibility live out experiences associated with the key advantages benefits the island has to offer.

Grupo Moga is a business group in the services sector led by a team of dynamic professionals with extensive experience, seriously committed to the mission of “satisfying our customers by constantly offering an efficient and friendly service enhanced with a quality product.”

Jordi Sevilla: “In Spain the idea of public interest has been lost”

The President of Red Eléctrica de España and former Minister of Public Administration, Jordi Sevilla, reviewed the ‘Current State of Spain’ at the Proa Comunicación Observatory held on Tuesday, February 5 at the Deusto Business School. “In Spain, the idea of ​​public interest has been lost,” he lamented. This concern along with the idea that, despite living in the best era humanity has ever gone through, the need exists to assert our fundamental values ​​and defend human rights in the face of technological advances, were the key focal points of his speech.


Sevilla acknowledged while making this statement that he was angry and going through a “pessimistic phase as an informed optimist,” mainly because “this is not the society for which I fought.” In this sense, he shared with the audience the calling he felt deeply since the 2008 crisis to “defend the obvious,” and the realization that many things are questioned “from ignorance,” as a result ” making what already is, worse.”  He revealed his astonishment at how the rules and regulations themselves are contradictory, “up to the legitimacy of the Government to govern and I refer to both Pedro Sánchez and Rajoy during their eras.”


The President of Red Eléctrica de España argued in defense of the 1978 Constitution, emphasizing the need to revisit something by which “40 years have passed,” yearning for the political discourse of those times. “We need to understand politics as a common place where problems are solved through rational debate,” because “nobody is right and everyone has a stake,” he reflected.


He was quite concerned about this inability to solve problems through “agreement, compromise and dialogue,” because he considers such a failure “fuels populism and anti-establishment movements.” In his opinion, this doesn’t only happen in Spain, but also throughout the Western world in general.  He specified globalization, which has brought about “global problems without national solutions,” as a root cause of the political  environment we see today.  Equally culpable in his view is partisanship, which has impeded negotiation with respect to the versatility necessary to negotiate solutions to issues of public interest. One needs to go back to the year 1992 to find the last great agreement successfully accomplished in the Spanish Parliament, namely the vote on the Maastricht Agreement.


Such a scenario, during election periods, results in high levels of abstention among the populace, disloyalty towards parties for which they have always voted and a delay in the decision to vote, “which isn’t exactly the best situation,” he lamented. However, he revealed a path of hope, concluding with his expectation that it is precisely voters’ anger that will lead politicians “to negotiate, agree and solve problems.”


Jordi Sevilla was the Minister of Public Administration (2004-2007) and Treasurer for the Campaign of the Socialist Presidential Candidate twice, in 2015 and again in 2016.  He was also a Representative for the province of Castellón in the Congress of Representatives, spokesperson for the Economy of the Socialist Group and President of the Parliamentary Commission on Climate Change (2000-2009). Between 2016 and 2018 he was the vice president of the Spanish consulting firm Llorente y Cuenca, a company dedicated to reputation management, communication and public affairs.  Previously, between 2009 and 2015 he was Senior Counselor of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He has also been a professor at the School of Industrial Organization (OEI) and at the Institute of Enterprise (IE). He is the author of several books on economics and politics, the last of which is titled ‘Vetos, pinzas y errores: ¿Por qué no fue posible un gobierno del cambio?’, He has published numerous articles in specialized magazines and in the daily press.


The Proa Comunicación Observatories

The Proa Observatories are discussion forums complemented by the participation of prominent executives, politicians and professionals.  They were enacted with the purpose of becoming a laboratory of ideas, where genuine dialogue is fostered to debate current business issues as well as discuss corporate reputation, branding and public relations as important elements for businesses to improve and succeed.


Among the distinguished guests who have participated in these forums are economist Manuel Conthe, President of Red Eléctrica Spain Jordi Sevilla, former Minister of Education, Culture and Sport José Ignacio Wert, writers Pablo D’Ors and Pilar Urbano, Director of External Communication at Deloitte Antonio Belmonte, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations at El Corte Inglés José Luis González-Besada, the High Comissioner for the Spanish Brand Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, Director General of the OJD Manuel Sala and IESE Professor Yago de la Cierva, editor of Innovación Digital de Vocento Borja Bergareche and the President of Multinacionales por Marca España José María Palomares, among others.

Ana Sánchez de la Nieta: “The Internet and new technologies caught the Media by surprise”

The editor of “Conversaciones con,” Ana Sánchez de la Nieta, believes that the Internet and new technologies do not imply a decline in the quality of journalism that is done today, but rather are tools that provide abundant opportunities and possibilities media professionals. This is one of the insights that Sánchez de la Nieta shared during her discussion at the Proa Comunicación Observatory


During the meeting, the journalist evaluated her professional career, pointing out some changes that have taken place in the profession, now more deteriorated than ever, especially by how precarious a journalist’s position has become. Such a disruption is also observed through the daily work of professionals, who practice their occupations on many occasions without sufficient means, and through the media which has seen how the Internet and social media had disrupted the conventional model of news production and how this revolution has caught them completely by surprise.


On social media, Sánchez de la Nieta emphasizes how it is the best way to “receive feedback” from users in real time. She recognizes how much fake news circulates through these platforms, but for this very reason it is essential that the journalist assumes his/her essential task of checking and verifying the validity and authenticity of information that is diffused through the media.