Successful Organization of the XIV Jornadas Científicas de la Fundación Alicia Koplowitz

Proa Comunicación has once again successfully organized the XIV Scientific Conference of the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation held on October 24 and 25 at Mutua Madrileña. Conference attendance as well as media coverage has been even more excellent this edition. During the last day, Alicia Koplowitz, president of the foundation, a total amount of 400,000 euros in aid to eight research projects concerning children and adolescents’ psychiatry and neurosciences and neuropediatrics.

In this year’s edition, 74 research projects opted for grants, of which 42 were from Psychiatry, 21 from Neurosciences and 11 from Neuropediatrics. Three External Evaluation Courts were responsible for examining them and making the selection. The Research Aid is aimed at teams that develop their work in hospitals, universities or Spanish research centers, in collaboration or without national or foreign teams. As an essential requirement, there must be a Spanish principal researcher linked to one of these centers during the two years of the project’s duration, who will be the sole recipient of the grant.

Crisis Managment, a Debate in Proa Comuncación’s Next Observatory

On March 11, 2004, Spain suffered its most savage attack in its history. Terrorists chose Madrid to make an example out of for their political gain, and the Madrid Emergency Center 112 was responsible for managing the crisis.

On November 8, Proa Communication’s next Observatory ‘Public Emergencies: Prevention and Planning Lessons for Professionals and Managers’ will take place at the Club Financiero Génova. During the event, Raimundo Herráiz, manager of the 112 Service in Madrid between 2001 and 2007, will analyze how emergency services were managed during the 11M crisis, alongside Yago de la Cierva, Proa crisis communication director. They will discuss and present solutions related to this case applicable to the business environment.

The event will also involve the general secretary of the Excellence in Management Club, Ignacio Babé, a group collaborating with Proa Comunicación to hold this discussion.

Top Comunicación echoes Olga Cuenca’s Speech at Deusto’s Leadership Lunch

Top Comunicación, the leading portal in the communication sector, featured a speech from Olga Cuenca, former president of Llorente and Cuenca, at the Leadership Lunch organized by Proa Comunicación in the Deusto Business School. In her speech she spoke about her career path.

“The secret to success is to work hard, learn constantly and work with others, do not lock yourself into something, negotiate, share different points of view,” summarized Olga Cuenca during the event held on October 21. Now she works as an artist under the pseudonym Ty Trias and advises in several companies. She said this in response to a question from one of the executives, after summarizing his professional career. The event was presented by Iñaki Ortega, director of Deusto Business School in Madrid, and Lucía Casanueva, managing partner of Proa Communication with Valvanuz Serna.

If you would like to read the original story, follow this link.

Proa Comunicación Sponsers the “Corporate Governence and Gender Diveristy” Awards

Proa Comunicación is sponsoring the “Corporate governance and gender diversity” awards organized by the Women Forward Foundation and will take place October 28th, from 19 to 23 hours, at the Italian Embassy. The awards were created to distinguish the companies and institutions that have integrated an exceptional level of gender diversity into their corporate governance.

The ceremony will feature Stefano Sannino, the Italian Ambassador, and Carmelo Angulo, the Spanish Ambassador and representative from the foundation’s Think Tank. They will hand out 14 awards from seven categories including:

  1. Distinction to the government or institution that has improved corporate governance following the approval of a regulation or its performance related to gender diversity
  2. Distinguished companies
  3. Educational institutions
  4. Media and Communication
  5. Sports organizations
  6. The managerial career best suited to good governance and gender diversity
  7. Associations, Foundations and Institutions

Proa Manages the Communication for the XIV Scientific Conference of the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation

Proa Comunicación is responsible for managing the communication for the XIV Scientific Concerence of the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation that will take place on the 24 and 25 of October in Mututa Marileña’s Auditorium on 33 Castellana. The presentations and round tables will be centered around the ‘Impact of Social Media and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on the mental health of children and teens.’

In this edition, as a new feature, the 1st Alicia Koplowitz Research Award will be awarded. Endowed with 3,000 euros, the award will distinguish the best scientific research work published in 2018 by young researchers, (less than 40 years old) partners of the Association of Scientists of Children and Adolescents’ Mental Health – Alicia Koplowitz Foundation.

Proa Comunicación Joins the APD

Proa Comunicación has become a full partner of the Assosiation for Management Progress, an association with the main goal of promoting the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences across business management media in Spain. Outside of any political approach representing the defense of corporate and professional interests, APD has managed, thanks to its objectivity and independence, to be one of the most prestigious training, information, and networking centers nationwide.

For the founding partners at Proa Comunicación, Lucía Casanueva and Valvanuz Serna, “this strategic alliance with the APD allows us to improve our communication strategy and development that we offer our clients.”

Proa Comunicación Helps Organize the MADRID VAT FORUM 2020

Proa Comunicación is assisting, for the second consecutive year, the organization of MADRID VAT FORUM, the most influential Spanish conference on intra-community VAT. In addition to managing media relations and establishing the conference’s communication office, Proa developed the landing page, where tickets can be purchased, and the promotional video.

In recent years, the so-called Common VAT System has been subject to a series of modifications at the community level with the main objectives of harmonizing certain aspects of the indirect taxation of ecommerce, fighting against fraud, as well as proposing a series of solutions to facilitate intra-community trade of goods. Some of these modifications have already been approved and others are currently under negotiation pending final approval.

MADRID VAT FORUM 2020 will be held on Thursday, February 13, 2020 in the auditorium of the Madrid Press Association (Calle Juan Bravo, 6). At this event, the main changes and modifications recently proposed in the field of intra-community VAT will be presented and discussed.

In addition, other issues that tend to be the subject of controversy will be discussed, such as confrontation between formal requirements and exercising the right to deduct the VAT incurred or the VAT treatment of holding companies.

Finally, the impact that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will have on the field of VAT will be analyzed and a review of the recent jurisprudence of the European Union Court of Justice regarding VAT will be made. In addition, the event will analyze the way in which all this will affect the activity of the companies involved in international trade and their relationship with the different tax administrations.

Ontier Selects Proa Comunicación to Produce its Corporate Video

Ontier, international law firm located in fourteen countries, has trusted in Proa Comunicación to create their corporate video. In it, Proa has embodied what Ontier represents, a firm offering what every client is looking for: a legal partner for your business that will treat your problems like their own, that will offer creative solutions, that is present in fourteen countries, and that you can always call by name.

Ontier’s lawyers love challenges. They treat clients’ projects and issues like their own and devote their extensive legal training to designing and executing creative and imaginative solutions aimed at achieving clients’ objective. In Madrid, Oviedo, Santander and Seville, Ontier España has a multidisciplinary team of talented professionals whose motivation, capacity, excellence and drive will turn the first opportunity into a continuous relationship of advice across all sectors.

The Department of Audiovisual Services at Proa Comunicación, led by creative director Ben Kendall, is in charge of the complete conceptualization and creation of the project.

Proa Comunicación Designs the Marqués del Atrio Group’s New Website

The Marqués del Atrio Group has trusted in Proa Comunicación for the design of their new website, which they are aiming to adapt to the most current and avant-garde trends in the market, and, at the same time, get closer to their community within the digital ecosystem.

The Marqés del Atrio Group’s new website is based on a modern image, with a black background and white font, with attractive multimedia features. It focuses on the Rivero’s history, the fourth-generation winery family from La Rioja, with extensive traditions and knowledge about winemaking. The website has increased its content, but with a much more orderly and accessible structure.

The launch of this website, that completely breaks away from the current site’s design and image, is a part of the Marqués del Atrio Group’s digital strategy that has recently been reinforced by the momentum of the Faustino Rivero Ulecia and Marqués del Artio Wineries’ social media presence, as well as the creation of a blog where they will publish high quality and interesting content for their community, and the delivery of a newsletter highlighting the group’s latest news for their customers and suppliers.

Proa Comunicación Attends the Presentation of the Resport “The Challenge of STEM Vocations”

The lack of guidance and academic difficulty are two key factors in the drop of enrollment in technical careers, according to the conclusions of the study “The challenge in STEM vocations,” presented this Tuesday, September 24 in Madrid and attended by Proa Communicación. The report, carried out by the Asociación DigitalES and, and assisted by Altran, analyzes the reasons for this drop, trying to offer solutions as to why Spanish students diregard matters related to technological development.

Some of the data in the study is quite worrying and demand, as was evident during the presentation, a quick response from all involved parties. Thus, 30% of secondary school students have not taken any technological subject, since it is always presented as optional and depends of the offerings avaiblable at each school.

59% of the school directors surveyed in the report consider that the teachers in their centers do not receive the necessary training to guide students in choosing their scheudles. In this regard, it should also be noted that only 3% of the teachers who have participated in the study are specialized in mathematics, technology or ICT. This percentage was specifically referred to by the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, during her speech at the event. She said that it is necessary to form “a comprehensive training plan” for teachers that allows them to offer current knowledge on STEM matters.

Only 25% of Girls are Studying Engineering

On the other hand, the report concludes that only 25% of the girls chose to study engineering in 2018, however 55% of university students were female. The results of the study show that STEM enrollment is decreasing more amongst girls than boys.

The data shows girls having less self-confidence than boys, identifying having more difficulties than them in understanding mathematics and problem solving (78% vs. 67%).

Among the recommendations listed in DigitalES Association’s report, they suggest promoting a more social vision of technical careers, increasing the visibility of female role models in these subjects, and training teachers in these fields to better guide students in academic decision making.

Download the report here